Mikaël A.

senior growth hacker digital marketing strategy 🚀

Paris, France

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Mikaël en quelques mots

With over a decade of experience as a Digital Marketer, Growth Hacker and Video Game Designer, I dedicated my energy to find creative ways to apply them in commercial projects.
Being the head of marketing at world-known eco-lodge in Chile, Huilo Huilo, Together with the Team using both Search Engine Optimization techniques & Search Engine Advertising. We manage to increased sales (ROI) by 700% in 1 Year.
While moving from one big city to another, I discovered a lack of effective and affordable marketing solutions for businesses. This is why today I want to offer my knowledge as Digital Marketing Strategist consultant focused on ROI, using latest technologies and techniques to help your business grow as fast as it could be!
I focus to bring more visibility and sales to companies that do great product/services.


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juin 2018 - Aujourd'hui | Lisbonne, Portugal

Voyage & tourisme

Nomad Card

CEO & Co-Founder | Marketing Manager & Growth Hacking

Nomad Card offers a universal marketing platform for local business, enabling them to effectively build a marketing program for their businesses at a significantly lower cost than traditional methods, ultimately increasing traffic and customer loyalty to their businesses.
octobre 2019 - novembre 2019 | City of London, United Kingdom

Agence & SSII

Coeur Digital

Digital Marketing Strategy & Growth Hacker

Essentially work on the Digital Strategy and acquisition/retention optimization.
juin 2014 - août 2016 | Santiago du Chili, Chili

Voyage & tourisme

Huilo Huilo

Head of Digital Marketing and Growth Hacker Strategist

As Head of Digital Marketing together with the team we rebuild from scratch the company web site.
We put a lot of energy on the UI/UX to be able to bring the best experiences to visitors.
Then we focused on the Funnel optimization to convert those customers into buyers.
And finally we create the content and digital campaign that today build the roots of strong customer community that act as the company ambassadors.
That strategy was a huge success that brings more than 700% growth the First Year
janvier 2013 - septembre 2017 | Santiago du Chili, Chili


Ideas Vintage

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder

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