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Yves De Jamblinne
Senior Project/Program Management, Coach agile
  • Tarif indicatif
    900 €/ jour
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    900 €
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    90 €
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    990 €
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  • Expérience8-15 ans
  • Taux de réponse100%
  • Temps de réponse1h
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Bruxelles, VB, Belgique
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  • Bruxelles et 50km autour

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Yves en quelques mots
I created Grouks Advisory in 2015. I had spent a decade working in IT and project/teams management roles. First, in a Belgian healthcare company and then for one of the Big Four consulting firms. These were great learning opportunities for me.

I thrive on new experiences, on change and on looking beyond the obvious. I often see solutions where others only see problems. I am energetic, creative and spontaneous.

Trying to ‘fit’ into traditional corporate structures and ways of doing things often caused me frustration, and no doubt created tension with others... Then I discovered the Process Communication Model (PCM). It was an eye-opener and a life changer. I understood my true personality and its impact on others.

This moment of truth also became the motivation for my future. I followed the in- depth training to become certified in PCM and I now use this as the basis for all my work.
I am passionate about people. Companies are about people. Yet so often people are constrained by a company’s processes structures and a corporate culture that inhibits rather than enables. My ambition is to change that and to help corporate cultures evolve into vibrant and nurturing cultures, built around people who are focused, motivated, connected and cohesive, and who feel at ease with each other and with themselves.

Aquariums and fish have always inspired me. I find it a strikingly powerful metaphor for the corporate world: managers and employees are the fish who need to navigate, swim and survive in their environment. The waters contain unseen but strongly felt undercurrents. When the balance is upset, the fish can be over-stressed and it may result in a collapse of the delicate eco-system. This is so true of the business world too. There is a lot we can reflect on and learn from nature and apply to human nature.

As I move forward with Grouks, I see myself as a guide to others, with PCM guiding me just as I guide and nurture the fish in my aquarium.

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    Menlo Park, CA, USA

    septembre 1998 - Aujourd'hui   25 ans et 1 mois
    Moi, si je devais résumer ma vie aujourd'hui avec vous, je dirais que c’est d'abord des rencontres. Des gens qui m'ont tendu la main, peut-être à un moment où je ne pouvais pas, où j'étais seul chez moi.

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