Louis Breton

ux / product owner | webflow expert

Peut se déplacer à Paris, La Rochelle, Paris

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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Louis.
Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Louis.

Localisation et déplacement

Paris, France
Peut travailler dans vos locaux à
  • Paris et 50km autour
  • La Rochelle et 30km autour
  • Paris et 20km autour


Durée de mission
  • entre 1 et 3 mois
  • entre 3 et 6 mois
  • ≥ 6 mois




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Louis en quelques mots

Some problems might be better solved by going deeper, and some others might be solved by going broader. Because today no solution looks like another, being adaptable is the key for every digital project. For every client, every projects I start, this is the motto I tend to follow.

With an hybrid career in communication, marketing, digital project management and UX, I can bring the best transversal and efficient vision for your projects. In an autonomous approach or in a team, I cover a scope of skills ideal to manage all type of digital projects and develop your products or services. Thanks to my network I advice specialized profiles (creative, developers, SEM consultants, IT experts ...) fitting your projects.

Some of my many skills:

➀ Product Owner
Reagent on product business vision and measuring performance, I offer you a complete support program by producing the best web experience to fit your Product Market. I define the right balance in your backlog between features, in order to effectively increase your acquisition, conversion and customer retention rates.

➁ UX Designer
Remembering starting my first animated UX project on Axure in 2014, in a time when no one believed in mockups in "grey scales » for clients presentation. Since this time my perception for this key step for any digital interface evolved a lot. I enhanced my skills on test and learn and I developed an adaptable UX kit library easily deployable for all my projects.

➂ Web developer
Because I mostly work closely with IT teams and devs, I self-taught skills in web development in quick and easy to learn frameworks like Bootstrap, Symfony or React. But what I mostly practice is working on Webflow SaaS platform, perfect for POC or MVP.



Urban Sports Club


Webflow Project Lead & Developpement

Paris, France

août 2020 - septembre 2020

- Digital project management
- Data & back-end architecture on Webflow plateform
- UX design / UI Design
- Front-end Development on Webflow plateform
- Integration

>> Landing page exemple: https://join.urbansportsclub.com/lp/berlin-boulderers

Maison Fragile


E-commerce & Lead Gen Manager

Paris, France

septembre 2018 - Aujourd'hui

Maison Fragile is a Made in France tableware brand. Dinner plates, dessert plates, tea or coffee cups, beakers, cups, white porcelain... We create and produce all our porcelain in Limoges with our talented French artists.
1 year after launching the brand, the founder looked to increase reputation and e-commerce activities in addition to BtoB with hotel trad and catering.

The challenges in this endless mission were plentiful, despite the limited budget for developing an e-commerce business, I had free rein to organize the strategy and build the digital ecosystem.

▹ More about this project and solutions I set up:


NEONESS - Neoness


Product Owner | UX Designer | Digital Branding

Montreuil, France

mars 2019 - novembre 2019

To mark the occasion (10 years anniversary and a massive marketing pivot on going) the founders decided to reposition Neoness brand, with a new customer journey for all sports clubs, new DNA, philosophy, signature, identity... and a fully remastered digital ecosystem. The existing platform had to be fully revamped and a new mobile app was in the pipe before the end of 2019.

My mission in this project was to lead digitizing the freshly made identity, define the digital customer journey, revamp the whole website experience and design and the welcoming app for every clubs.

▹ More about this project and solutions I set up:



Agence & SSII

UX / Product Owner | Webflow Expert

Paris, France

juin 2018 - Aujourd'hui

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