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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Abdennour.

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Lyon, France
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Abdennour en quelques mots

After my DUT, where I discovered the C language and which gave rise to an interest in development, I decided to train myself in web technologies (HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails).

This introduction to the web pushed me to validate my skills through a degree, which led me to my first position as a Web Developer, on Angular and Ruby on Rails, and Scrum Master.

After this experience, I decided to challenge myself, and started freelancing in April 2018.

I am available remotely all around the world and physically on Lyon.



Presse & médias

Lead Web Developer

Lyon, France

mai 2020 - Aujourd'hui

Badsender is specialized in newsletter and mailing marketing campaigns. To this end, they have developed an application, of the same name, allowing to create mailing templates and export them in HTML format to make mailing campaigns.

I collaborate, in this application's contexte, with Badsender's marketing team for punctual interventions, up to 2 or 3 days per month.


Industrie matières premières

Lead Web Developer

Lyon, France

décembre 2019 - Aujourd'hui

LIM is a company specializing in on-board industrial drilling systems. A box is built internally then sold and installed on drilling machines allowing to make any kind of record on the devices usage as well as the business data. These datas are shared between 2 platforms. Geolog4 for business data and [email protected] for maintenance data about machines.

In this context, I collaborated with LIM’s teams to help them developing the [email protected] application and maintaining Geolog4.

Also, I contributed to the establishment of an infra more modern and easier to maintain. For this, I recommended and migrated collaborators to the Google GSuite and developers on Gitlab (instead of an internal git server), and set up the migration of the applications on a containerized architecture through Docker, set up database backup routines on AWS, as well as CI / CD routines through Gitlab CI.

Cospirit MediaTrack

Presse & médias

Lead Web Developer

Lyon, France

décembre 2018 - novembre 2019

Cospirit is a media agency specializing in large-scale communication and marketing operations. An e-commerce platform, Copsirit Connect, has been set up allowing their customers to order documents (business card, restaurant menu, advertising poster, etc.) previously personalized by graphic designers.

In this context, I integrated their teams to set up a platform allowing graphic designers to create personalized documents, using VueJs, and train them to this framework, as well as Angular, used by another application of the company but no longer having internal skills.


Secteur médical

Lead Web Developer

Lyon, France

avril 2018 - novembre 2018

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