Nicholas Stock

c.t.o. as a service agile coach and mentor

Paris, France

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Nicholas en quelques mots

I have been coding professionally for 15 years. I worked 9 years in the silicon valley including a year and a half with Apple.
Apart from Apple I have mostly worked with startups. I have had a lasting drastic impact on every engineering team I've come across. I was the first engineer hired at Pricematch a company that has since sold to

Today I founded gembani to help teams dev better. I show engineering teams and management a pragmatic approach to accepting and living the agile way. More info is available on my website. Extensive resume is available on linkedin with some great recommendations.


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septembre 2012 - octobre 2014 | Paris, France



Lead architect

I built the Minimum Viable product from the ground up. I trained, managed, and hired engineers to create a very strong engineering team.
We embraced agile values and my skills mindset and experience helped shape the ongoing engineering culture.

The company has since been sold to
février 2009 - septembre 2010 | Cupertino, Californie, États-Unis

High tech


Software Engineer

Porting Project-Blender
• Individually designed a web application (Bonsai) that prints barcodes, including price and UPC information used to label products for all Apple retail stores.
• Developed a demo unit tracker used to track all sales floor demo units throughout stores and allow the demo database to be updated offline; created a merge conflict detection system to smoothly sync data when online.
• Utilized HTML 5 client-side database storage that enables the UPC to be downloaded from a server-side MySQL database and stored in a client side SQLite database; implemented GD graphics library to generate the UPCs from PHP.
• Conceived and implemented a full source control implementation, that modified the client-side and server side data by attempting to sync-publish based on a client side and server side changeset table.
• Designed and implemented multiple JavaScript intensive components using prototype and json Back End using CodeIgniter MVC framework and Smarty Engine.
Additions and enhancements

• Who’s online functionality • Client out of sync detection • Bonsai disabled mode
• Enhanced permission structure • Data analytics package • Seamless GD graphic library + PHP
• PDF for label printing • Change-set history • Search log
• Advanced reporting • Speed enhancements

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