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Nicholas Stock

software engineer crafts coach tdd/bdd etc

Peut se déplacer à Paris, Nantes

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Paris, France
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Nicholas en quelques mots

I have been coding professionally for 15 years. I worked 9 years in the silicon valley including a year and a half with Apple.
Apart from Apple I have mostly worked with startups. I have had a lasting drastic impact on every engineering team I've come across. I was the first engineer hired at Pricematch a company that has since sold to

Today I founded gembani to help teams dev better. I show engineering teams and management a pragmatic approach to accepting and living the agile way. More info is available on my website. Extensive resume is available on linkedin with some great recommendations.


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High tech

Founder/Coach/Software Engineer

Paris, France

juin 2016 - Aujourd'hui

Senior Compagnie: Interim CTO
Sept 2017 - June 2020

Senior compagnie provides in-house care for people in need. They acquired a software solution (ISAD) in order to stop using a notoriously unreliable software solution (Apologic)

Stack: Symfony, Heroku, Ruby on Rails, Mysql, Redis

Hired the first three team members
Moved from OVH based deployment to elastic beanstalk
Migrated DB to AWS
Re-wrote the invoicing system.
Taught Ruby On Rails to internal team members
Reverse engineered a “pay” document such that we could export the data from ISAD and continue to use the existing pay software (thereby facilitating the transition from Apoligic to ISAD w-o having to re-write the fiche de pay module.
Re-wrote the attribution of payments to invoices
Was a one-to-many relationship made it many-to-many
Wrote rake tasks to migrate data from the one-to-many to the new many-to-many system
Wrote and API to calculate distances between two different clients

VideoRunRun: Interim CTO
Nov 2018-Nov2020

VideoRunRun is an A/B testing platform to optimise add campaigns on YouTube. They are the only player on the market that can optimise for performance rather than branding
Stack: Ruby On Rails, Heroku, Postgressql
Progressively grew the team from 0 engineers to 6
Trained their product owner in building software effectively.
Trained team in TDD
Designed the first version of the algorithm.
Helped reverse engineer Google adds desktop in order to create 1000s of campaigns at a time.
Helped hire the CTO who is arriving in November.

Appwinit: Crafts Coach then Interim CTO
June 2018-Present

Appwinit is a New York firm that help people fight their parking and traffic tickets with the click of a button
Stack: Nodejs, MongoDB, NextJS, MobX

Built a nodejs scrapper for gecko (insurance site) using puppeteer
Contributed to the new Appwinit web app frontend (React, NextJS, Mobx)
Help maintain the backend. Improved the testing ecosystem.
Coordinate with the Mobile team to find and reproduce complex bugs.
Coach their internal team, then my team (after covid related layoffs) to make the right technical decisions.

Arenametrix: Crafts Coach
Sept 2016 - June 2019
Stack: Python, Django, Ruby On Rails, Flask, Redis, Postgresql.
Wrote the first integration test.
Trained both engineering squads to practice TDD
Moved the data team to hire level frameworks (Flask to Django)
Invented the Tech-day - a day which developers can use to experiment. More in the Conf I did on the subject.

Paris&Co: CTO / Founder coach.
Paris & Co is a Parisian incubator network with around 300 startups.
Oct 2018 - Present
Once a month, I meed with Six founders and or CTO and help them:
Improve the way they hire.
Improve the way they code.
Improve the way they work with and recruit agencies.

Miscellaneous work.
Linkedin scraping automation as a service is the open source
Regular speaker at Agile conferences.
Full stack teacher (Nodejs and angular) at Ecole Ynov


High tech

Responsable des technologies web

Paris, France

mars 2014 - juin 2016

Lead a complete code re-organization of the Sightcall's JS-SDK:
- Build process using grunt.
- More scalable code organization.
- Unit/integration tests (jasmine)

Lead development of Liveisgiht Sightcall's signature product
- Separation of front and backend.
- PHP slim API with phpunit unit/integration tests
- Phinx schema migrations
- Livesight front-end using Emberjs with initial automated tests.

Lead the development of secondary products
- Sightcall Zimlet
- Sightcall test application

Consulting across the organization for a better development process
- Helped stakeholders across the organization familiarize themselves with jira agile
- Assisted QA in developing Selenium integration tests.
- Assisted backend teams with the use of testing tools.
- Helped managed development timelines for various products



Lead architect

Paris, France

septembre 2012 - octobre 2014

I built the Minimum Viable product from the ground up. I trained, managed, and hired engineers to create a very strong engineering team.
We embraced agile values and my skills mindset and experience helped shape the ongoing engineering culture.

The company has since been sold to


High tech

Software Engineer

Cupertino, Californie, États-Unis

février 2009 - septembre 2010

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