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Mouni M.

agile coach, scrum master, pmo, lean management

Peut se déplacer à 's Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven, Amsterdam

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's Hertogenbosch, NB, Netherlands
Peut travailler dans vos locaux à
  • 's Hertogenbosch et 50km autour
  • Eindhoven et 50km autour
  • Amsterdam et 100km autour


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I bring over 7 years of experience in facilitating PMO & Agile frameworks for organizations of all sizes. Especially Industry & Finance Market. My expertise inspired from SAFe, Scrum, PMP, and Lean methodologies has helped teams & Program target to increase their productivity, improve collaboration and build high-performing, cross-functional teams. My passion lies in empowering teams to reach their full potential by creating a culture of continuous improvement and learning. When I am not working on a project, you can find me training workshops, delivering keynote speeches, and learning from the others.


Societe Generale SA - Société Générale

Banque & assurances

Scrum Master / PMO Agile Delivery  - En tant que freelance

Amsterdam, NH, Pays-Bas

janvier 2022 - Aujourd'hui (1 an et 2 mois)

Leading the Agile Delivery of around 22 Developers, 2 Proxy PO, Business Analyst, & TechLeads divided into 2 Feature Teams to manage the Build of the New Payment Engine (SCT- SEPA Credit Transfer, SDD-SEPA Direct Debit) within the brand of the New Cashfit platform for the Coorporate Companies based in Europe.

Two largest SG Offers to their Companies Customers & Sponsors.
- B2B – Direct debit for corporate customers & largest companies.
- CORE/B2C – Core direct debit for private customers

-Starting coaching of a new Tribe: Product vision, Customer Centric, Feature teams, Definitions

-Leading & implementing the [email protected] organization inspired by PMP Culture and SAFe Framework for : 30 people moving toward agility at scale for the 3 coming years of the program.

1 Build Team based in India to implement the SCT Flow: SEPA Credit Transfer
- 4 Business Analyst to provide the specs & acceptance criteria of the solution.
- 5 Developers C# & .Net Migration to commit and raise the Pull Request on sGitHub.
- 2 Data Manager to build the IT Kibana Monitoring interface of transactions & financial KPIs ON Elastic Search Environment.
- 1 Proxy S. Master / 1 Proxy P.O. to order the backlog linked to the SCT flow.

1 Study Team based in France to establish the SDD Flow Functional Diagram: SEPA Direct Debit
- 4 Business Expert to finalize the business requirement linked to the SG Offer.
- 2 Developers to finalize the technical diagram on SGithub & RabbitMQ.
- 2 Developers to finalize the DevOps Architecture for the future deployment.
- 1 Proxy S. Master / 1 Proxy P.O. to order the backlog linked to the SCT flow.

-Facilitating the Agile rituals & synchronizing teams in their journey towards agility, especially:
- Sprint Planning: Defining Sprint, assigning tickets to the Development team, and estimating the Sprint Capacity to generate the CAPEX to the Program Stream Directory.
- Daily Meetings: Discussing the Scrum Board & Tracking the WIP (Work In Progress).
- Sprint Review: Preparing agenda for the live demos based on what has been built.
- Retrospective Meeting: Raising the pain points, decide on the future improvement…
- Others meetings that are planned optionally “On Demand”: Refinements, Design thinking…

-Planning Sync. Meeting with the linked streams in order to resolve the dependencies & risks.
• Providing KPI based on the follow-up of the features committed on the PI Planning.
• Anticipating the event preparation: Scrum Of Scrum, PI Planning, Inspect & Adapt, PO Sync, etc.
SEPA Corporate Finance Atlassian JIRA Klaxoon GitHub DevOps Kanban Scrum Master Reporting Gestion de projet MS Project Excel



PMO Program / PMO Release Manager for the Vendor Solution  - En tant que freelance

Paris, France

février 2021 - mars 2022 (1 an et 1 mois)

PMO Core Team / Release Manager for the Supplier Vendor Solution - SAFe Program
Orange Money Middle East Of Africa (Bank O Africa)
14 Country Sponsors (Senegal, Ivory Coast, Morocco, etc )
10 Application Addons (Canal+, VISA, Bank2Wallet, World Remit, etc )
Program : 15 Program Increment ( PI : 2 months / 4 Iterations ) / Portfolio > 125 M€.

Project: In a complex program multi-countries monitored by the top management, and in a competitive environment, I’m acting as a PMO/Transversal Manager/Risk Portfolio Manager to implement all the necessary methodologies to manage the Key Events related to each stream of the program in terms of Portfolio, Planning. I’m also in charge to ensure good communication with the supplier of the banking application solution to be deployed for the entire of 14 countries OMEA (Orange Middle East Of Africa), building trust and meeting the values streams requested by the program.

• Participating on the roadmap planning by Project Country & Expected Deliveries.
• Check that the operational staff of the supplier is well committed to the Agile Train Delivery.
• Risk Program assessment: Lean Budgets + Planning/ Stream Duration + Resources.
• Meetings to prepare for Top Management/Executive.
• KPI Reporting, communication the key events to the top Management: Backlog status, etc
• Regular alignment of the product roadmap to the 15 Technical Product Owners by Country.
• Analyze and formalize value streams in collaboration with the business/operational team: weekly monitoring of EPICs in excess, of EPICs with high consumption, alerting teams with identification of actions to be taken, etc.

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