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Tristan Guillevin

data visualization engineer | tableau champion

Strasbourg, France

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Rejoignez la communauté Malt pour découvrir le profil complet de Tristan Guillevin

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Tristan en quelques mots

In 2015, I started my professional life as a consultant where I discovered data visualization with Tableau. My main focus was to build different types of dashboards or exploratory tool with Tableau, but also provide training, coaching, and expertise. I worked for more than thirty clients in many different sectors around the world.

In 2017, I won the IronViz competition (the data visualization battle organized by Tableau every year) in Las Vegas. Since then, I started helping other people with Tableau by making webinars, conferences, blog articles, and a book: "Getting Started with Tableau 2019.2"!

Since May 2018, I'm working at Ogury as a Data Visualization Engineer where my main mission is to develop new studies (SQL + Tableau embedded) to help our clients understand the mobile journey of more than 400 millions mobile users.


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mai 2018 - Aujourd'hui | Strasbourg, France

High tech

Ogury France

Data Visualization Engineer

The main mission of our team is to build a solution, Active Insights for Brands, that allows our clients to understand the mobile audience, market share, behavior, and journey of their user and their competitors' users.
Our clients have access to different studies through a web portal. Our studies are built with Tableau and integrated into the portal with the Tableau Embedded solution.
I wrote the SQL script and create the visualizations with Tableau for five major studies:

Thanks to my previous experience with Tableau, I was able to help other teams on the Tableau Server side (security, maintenance, updates,..) and to train people to start monitoring their own KPI. I also had the occasion to work with the Marketing team to build some Tableau Public dashboards (like the World Cup study that was awarded Viz of the day)
septembre 2015 - avril 2018 | Strasbourg, France

Agence & SSII


Data Analyst

As a consultant, I worked with more than 30 clients in different sectors (marketing, pharmaceutical, banking, hotel, energy, telecom, public,..) mainly in Strasbourg and Paris but also in Australia, Singapore, and Switzerland.
My main missions were focused on:
- Tableau: coaching, training, expertise, design
- Alteryx: training, and data preparation tasks
- SSIS: build complete data integration flow
- Development of tools and API using C#
mai 2018 - juin 2019

Presse & médias



Author of Getting Started With Tableau 2019.2, a 250 pages book to learn how to use Tableau. Writing this book includes:
- Build the entire chapter architecture
- Write 100% of the content and take all the screenshots
- Describe and discover every feature that exists on Tableau
- (Optional) Build a promo web page using Gatsby and Netlify:

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