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Thomas Rotszyld

consultant netdevops / network automatisation

Peut se déplacer à Toulouse

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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Thomas.

Localisation et déplacement

Toulouse, France
Peut travailler dans vos locaux à
  • Toulouse et 50km autour


Durée de mission
≥ 6 mois




Compétences (29)

Thomas en quelques mots

17 years of relevant professional experiences has led me to develop a solid and recognized expertise in Network Technologies and Information System Management.
My responsibilities have included not only technical expertise but also functional and management activities in complex and large environments.

Keys Skills:

- Passion for technology and excellence in delivering solutions
- Honesty and empathy to those around you on a daily basis
- Quick adoption to new technologies and continuously demonstrated technical excellence
- A focused and solution oriented approach necessary to see projects through to completion
- Deep Background in Networking and Security (CCNP)
- Ability to identify and solve problem quickly in complex environment
- Problem vs Solution Oriented Thinking
- Capacity to lead operational crisis
- Activity Follow-up (set up of dashboard, KPI definition, track of the activity)
- Good internal and external communication
- Stress tolerant
- Organisational capacity
- Team Spirit, Adaptability, & Engagement
- Strong involvement and adoption of new DevOps approach in networking environment (NetDevops):
- Source Control (Git)
- Device Programmability (from SSH CLI to RESTFUL API).
- Python SDK for automation (f5-sdk, pyNetbox, boto3, infoblox SDK etc...)
- Configuration Management (Ansible/Tower)
- IAC: Serverless FrameWork, Terraform, CloudFormation, F5 Application Service 3...
- Orchestration tools (Jenkins, AWS Step Functions)
- Automatic Testing Tool/Framework (Pyats/Genie, DIY Scripting)
- CI/CD Pipelines
- Source of Truth and integration in automation tooling environment (ex: Netbox, dynamic inventory integration in Ansible Tower/AWX, Config Context (global and local), and implementation of mechanism to maintain a good hygiene level of the SoT).
- Virtualization of development and integration network / Security environments (Eve-Ng) for CI/CD pipeline integration
- (Learn, Think, Apply and Share)
- AWS Serverless (Lambda, Step Function)
- Passionate



Aéronautique & aérospatiale

Consultant Network Automation / NetDevOps

Toulouse, France

avril 2020 - Aujourd'hui (1 an et 6 mois)

Transforming Business Requirements into Automation Solutions:
  • Understand Business needs and constraints
  • Evaluate ROI of automation use cases
  • Design of technical automation solutions based on DevOps Methodology and Tooling
  • Implementation of automated solutions
  • Technical Lead and Mentoring on NetDevOps Topics for Internal Employees and external Subcontractor.

Strong Experience of Network Automation in operation context on a large scale infrastructure with a rich ecosystem:

  • Several thousands of devices in production
  • Multi vendor ecosystem: Cisco, F5, Palo Alto, ASA, ISE, External APIS...
  • Wide Variety of tooling: infrastructure as Code and CI/CD, Jenkins, AWS Serverless, Hashicorp Vault, Netbox, Python, Jinja2...
  • Automation Open Sources Framework, Github, Ansible, Ansible Tower, Kubernetes.
  • Developments Skills: Python, Django, PyAts, Netmiko, Napalm, Scrapli etc...
  • Strong Networking and Security Background and Knowledge


Agence & SSII


Toulouse, France

novembre 2019 - avril 2020 (5 mois)

Writing of an automation Manifesto:

Interest of the automation in network & Security context (NetDevOps / SecDevops) Presentation for the methodologies and tools
Audit of their existing toolset, identification of which missing tools must be deployed Listing of potentials Automation Use Case and ROI Estimation

  • Roadmap of the Stelia Automation Journey
  • Set up of an Automation Proof of Concept
  • Deployment of Ansible & AWX in Docker containers
  • Creating of a dynamic inventory based on their existing CMDB (NetBox)
  • Automation of first quick win use cases (Password Modification & Migration of ACS to ISE).
  • Creation of Dev/Integration virtualized environment though EVE-NG
Network NetDevOps



Product Owner Application Connectivity (ZIONL) - Airbus Commercial Aircraft

Toulouse, France

janvier 2018 - novembre 2019 (1 an et 10 mois)

Management of team composed of 10 Engineers spread out in Spain, Germany, UK and France

  • Focal Point for all customer requests (build/run)
  • Activities dispatch and follow-up with the technical team
  • Support for developing skill team members
  • Staffing internal and subcontractor resources
  • Process & Service improvement (Monitoring, Design, Methodology, Process, Automation)
  • Active Involvement to critical changes and migration
  • Change management
  • Review/Reporting of the activity with the customer and team
  • Focal Point for duty escalation
  • Frequently involved for technical reinforcement in operational crisis concerning external perimeter
  • Large perimeter (several hundred of switching devices, 50 Load Balancers with more than 1000Vips in production)
  • Reference for technical validation during staffing process

Lead of the automation topic within the Application Connectivity technical team (Ardent and continuous learning)

  • Adoption of the NetDevOps culture, methodology and tool set : Ansible/AWX, Source Control Management, Python, REST API, CI/CD Pipelines, Source of Truth, automatic testing (Pyats/Genie), IAC : Serverless FrameWork, Cloud Formation, Terraform...
  • Evangelization of the approach to the Application Connectivity Team to make the adoption possible
  • Several uses cases example already automated and used today in operation :
  • Full Automation of Vlan Deployment in Datacenter
  • L2, L3 configuration provisioning,
  • Automatic Booking in IPAM (Infoblox)
  • Automation integrated into CI/CD pipeline with automatic validation in integration environment
(Github, Jenkins, Pyats./Genie Framework)
  • Update port profile trunk in Datacenter
  • FEX deployment
  • Proof of Concept for Virtual Server deployment on F5 BIG IP LTM
  • Leveraging F5 AS3 for declarative approach (IAC)
  • Leveraging AWS Lambda (Python) and Step Function for pipeline creation
  • Creation of a Manual Approval step before deployment
  • Pipeline fully automated through Serverless Framework : All Resources (S3 Buckets, API Gateway,
Lambdas, Step Function pipeline...)
  • Automatic Harmonization of Port Profile Trunk configuration in the Datacenter
  • Several automated reports

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