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senior web developer

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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Samantha.

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Béziers, France
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Samantha en quelques mots

Passionnée d'informatique et d'internet, je suis développeur web / mobile multi skills. Team player avant tout, je mets mes multiples compétences et expériences au service de l'équipe en me concentrant sur l'aspect du projet où j'apporterais le plus que ce soit développement back, front ou product management.



Product Manager Circuit Platform as a Service

Montpellier Area, France

juillet 2017

Product Manager for the Circuit API and SDK. Working on Circuit integrations and federation projects.

blueKiwi Software

R&D Manager

Paris Area, France

octobre 2015

The development team was split in several, my team (API) being one of them. Following a re-organization, I became Manager of the R&D team. Key goals were improving the delivery process and quality working closely with the QA and CPO as well as the IT ops team. At that time, I also joined the Management Team. Achievements: - improvement on quality with TDD - improvement on the Agile (Scrum) Methodology implementation leading to a truth worthy velocity - Reduction of the technical debt and backlog of issues, reduction of the number of regressions - Better team (and cross team) communications enabling several developers to reveal their skills and release better code - Technical PO - API Lead developer / SSO Lead developer

blueKiwi Software

Lead Web Developer / API Product Owner

octobre 2011 - septembre 2015

I grew interested in the product strategy and became product owner, in addition to being lead developer, of everything API and SDK. This team also took on SSO connectors. I managed several internal and external integration projects, working with several teams in Europe and was the main point of contact for every customers using our API, SDK or SSO capabilities. The comopany was aquired by Atos. Scope: - In charge of the growing API and SSO connectors specifically - Acting Product Owner for this component - Acting Quality Manager for this component - Technical feasibility studies and project management of customer integrations

World Wide Angle

Filmaker - Editor

Paris Area, France

janvier 2005 - janvier 2012

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