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Richard Bramwell

unix système administrateur

Peut se déplacer à Paris

  • 48.858705
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Proposer une mission La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Richard.

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Paris, France
Peut travailler dans vos locaux à
  • Paris et 50km autour


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Richard en quelques mots

French (alumni CESI & INRIA) speaking System Engineer 12+ years planning, implementing, supporting, and troubleshooting virtualization technologies solutions using LPM, NIM, HMC, VIO and LPARS 5,6 &7
Skills and Experience
- Good Customer Care values - Cleared to work under FSA regulations
- Troubleshooting application ensuring BAU surveillance at 2nd and 3rd level on hundreds of hosts under Aix 5p and SunOS 5.9 with a view to pro-actively maintain operability for businesses, using nmon, nagios, patrol in order to fix memory leaks, security issues, networks glitches & make recommendations
- Many, many hours Fault Finding and Hardware Replacement
o Rebuilds, hot replacements of SSA disks in RAID’s with no downtime - mission critical EPOS systems
- Proficiency in hardening security routines using Korn, ssh, sudo
- Risk assessment , project plan and change request controls for the eventual upgrade using NIM.
- Acquired for Government contracts Basic Security clearance (expiry date 22/08/2010), CTC & SC and for Banks FSA vetted (2009).
- Carried out Project Management using techniques such as Scamper, DO IT, Gantt, PMI, Pareto et al
- Administered and Configured HMC Aix LPAR, NTP, Focal Point monitoring using GUI or shell, via ssh
- Configured SAN configuration DS8100 Fixed Block Volume for new and existing extent pool, prior to presenting new LUN to VI/O Servers and subsequent virtual hosts (LPAR): LVM & FS configuration
- Dynamic LPAR reconfiguration of CPU’s from LPAR’S within Managed Hosts
- Korn shell scripting under SCCS, CVS to maintain the principal of coherent versions.
- Mentoring Junior UNIX System Administrators as it is important to coach upwards and across.
- Project work includes NetView accessing all TSM commands, configured using SMIT; mobile Robot protocols.

Please do contact Richard if you are interested in extending your infrastructure to enhance your applications by using an Operating System to operate as it should do.


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