Mohamed Henni

senior data scientist

Bruxelles, Belgique

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Mohamed en quelques mots

What I can do for your business:
- Understand your data and give insights using the best statistical analyses from years of experience dealing with real-world data.
- Help create predictive models based on state of the art machine learning algorithms.
- Create web-based user-friendly applications on shiny to run the predictive models on new data, and make sure that they can be used by non-experts.


octobre 2017 - Aujourd'hui | Wavre, Belgique

Industrie pharmaceutique


Data Analyst

Regression and classification (supervised and unsupervised) analyses:
o Variance analyses and statistical tests
o Features selection
o Features engineering and augmentation
o Models selection and parameters optimization
o Ensemble predictions and sequential boosting algorithms
o Factor encoding (dummy, counting..)
o Pseudo labelling

Use of pre-trained classification and regression models with Keras and fine-tuning them for deployment
Data visualization using various libraries (ggplot, plotly, ..)
Development and deployment of Shiny applications (user interface and server logic) within company servers
Redaction of reports and analyses using R Markdown and R Notebook
Use of Reinforcement learning algorithms (Q-learning)
novembre 2016 - septembre 2017 | Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium

Industrie pharmaceutique


Data Scientist

Build predictive models for bioassays.
Image recognition algorithms on biological data.
Yield increase for several products.

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