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Lucas Martin Calderon

expert sécurité de blockchain et smart contracts

En télétravail depuis Paris

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Proposer une mission La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Lucas.

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Paris, France
Effectue ses missions majoritairement à distance


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Lucas en quelques mots

Zealous blockchain security software engineer, leveraging advanced skills in deep reinforcement learning AI and offensive cybersecurity as a CTO since 2018 in the financial sector with Tier 1 banks.

🚀 Creating the world’s largest Web3 DAO that automatically validates holistically the security of smart-contracts on the blockchain.

Supernova Under 25 in computer science in Spain with a Station F’s Top 40 and Hello Tomorrow's Top 250 cybersecurity startup valued at $6M+, Top 5% hacker in TryHackMe, Ethereum contributor and public technology guest speaker at top ranking universities and at national TV.
Graduated from a Top 10 university worldwide in cybersecurity (UCL) and I have been invited to its extremely competitive and world-class PhD programme in blockchain & smart contract security using advanced deep neural networks.

Competitive cross-triathlete in the making.


1. Information security - blockchain security, global security posture management, ethical hacking, network security, risk & incident response, executive red team management, BAS, threat intelligence, etc.

2. Artificial intelligence and data science - ML, DL, DRL (A3C, PPO2, D4PG, DSAC) with TensorFlow, Keras, OpenAI, DeepMind, Pandas, sckit-learn, Jupyter, AWS SageMaker, etc.

3. Cloud - AWS (cloud architect, security, devops, machine learning), SaaS products.

4. DevOps engineering - network security (Cisco), high-performance and distributed computing (OpenMP/MPI), deployment (Jenkins), CLI automation (Terraform and Ansible), Git, Linux, etc.

5. Blockchain - Web3.0 full-stack, Ethereum, Solidity, HardHat, Smart Contract Security, IPFS, Aave, Oracles, testing, Chainlink, Openzeppelin, Slither, Echidna, FileCoin, Moralis, Alchemi, Metamask, Truffle and TheGraph.

6. Programming proficiency - Python, Java, JavaScript, C / C++, Swift, Go, TypeScript, Ruby, Rust and PHP, data structures and algorithms, paradigms (object-oriented, functional, logical, etc.)


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Pentestify LTD

High tech

Senior Blockchain and Smart Contract Security Auditor  - En tant que freelance

Londres, England, Royaume-Uni

janvier 2019 - Aujourd'hui (4 ans et 1 mois)

Design, build, lead and bring to market the world’s largest decentralized automated smart contract security validation DAO - starting with DeFi.

1. Lead smart-contract security auditor
2. Lead Web3 dapp full-stack engineer
3. Automated DeFi infrastructure, security, and indexing protocols
4. Manage an international remote team of PhD and security software engineers to maintain our CI/CD principles in DevOps.

1. Solidity and EVM (gas optimisation, security, protocols, etc.)
2. Metamask, React.js, Web3.js, Alchemy, Infura, Polygon, IPFS/Swarm, EVM, Truffle, HardHat, Slither, Securify, Myrthril, and Open Zeppelin.
3. DeFi financial skills (flash loans, exchanges, protocols, DEXs, etc.) , TheGraph & Covalent.
4. DevOps and DevSecOps: automated testing & deployment, GitHub, Ansible, Splunk, Jenkins, JUnit, Maven, Jira, VSCode, TerraForm, etc.

Currently incubated in Station F (Paris), and quartered in London, with partnerships in the public and private sector, where we are members of Station F's Future 40 and Top 250 by Hello Tomorrow, with national TV coverage regarding the future of blockchain security.

SANS Institute

High tech

Blockchain & Smart Contract Security Auditor  - En tant que freelance

Remote, OR, USA

novembre 2022 - novembre 2022

Instructor support for SANS's online course in Blockchain and Smart Contract Security.

• Compile and deploy smart contracts
• Exploit vulnerable smart contracts, nodes, and private keys
• Run automated security scans on smart contracts
• Use the latest blockchain tools for development, security, auditing, and exploiting
• Trace and discover blockchain transaction information
• Set up and protect a cryptocurrency wallet
• Crack partially exposed mnemonics keys
• Send transactions to blockchain
• Set up a local ethereum blockchain for testing
• Join a cryptocurrency mining pool, or create your own mining node
• Run static analysis on EVM bytecode
• Interact with cryptocurrency on main and test networks
• Investigate, install, and prevent crypto- jacking malware
• Protect and defend against privacy attacks on blockchain
Blockchain Smart Contract Solidity DeFi Python (Programming Language) Web3


High tech

Memory forensics engineering lead instructor  - En tant que freelance

Remote, OR, USA

novembre 2022 - novembre 2022

Lead instructor for the EC-Council to design, develop and bring a course on memory forensics engineering.

Oxyde Technologies

High tech


Paris, France

septembre 2018 - décembre 2019 (1 an et 3 mois)

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