Javier Sanchez Gutierrez

data analyst |data visualization | python,r, d3.js

Paris, France

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Rejoignez la communauté Malt pour découvrir le profil complet de Javier Sanchez Gutierrez

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Javier en quelques mots

Data Analyst with experience working across Product, Marketing and Sales teams. Skilled in Python, R, Applied Statistics, BI, databases (SQL, noSQL), cloud tech (Google Cloud) and Dashboarding (Chartio,Google Data Studio...). With wide experience working in Data Visualization (D3.js, Javascript,BI tools). In my latest position at Malt, I have been in charge of the Data Analysis and Visualization in an important Web Business report addressing Tech Trends in France.


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juillet 2019 - juillet 2020 | Paris, France

Ressources humaines

Malt Community SA- Malt

Product Data Analyst

In charge of Data Analysis and Visualization in an important Web Business report addressing freelancing Tech Trends in France. Use of JS libraries and Web storytelling tools for the Visualization part. I worked along Designers, Brand and Content specialists.

Working in Marketing Analytics automation pipeline (tracking campaigns performance, preprocessing Marketing tool and Traffic User data (Big Query) and creating Dashboards for non-technical stakeholders (Google Data Studio).

Setting up BI dashboards, upgrading data Vizs capabilities, working in Web Traffic Management (Heap) of product releases & obtaining data insights for stakeholders (Sales, Brand…).
mai 2017 - mai 2018 | Copenhague, Danemark

Santé & bien-être


Data Scientist

I was part of the data science team building the machine learning platform to analyze our health record data (Python,R). Use of predictive modelling, supervised and unsupervised techniques. This position required me to work closely with the C-level and use Agile methodologies.

I extensively worked in health Data Visualization (D3, React & Javascript...). My visualizations were successfully used in software integration, for clinical support and in business presentations.

I worked with large & noisy datasets from our noSQL MongoDB database. I was in charge of the data preprocessing, model selection and evaluation process. Among other results, I worked on patient detection techniques using bio metrics & improved the data pipeline to produce health reports.
août 2015 - avril 2016 | Copenhague, Danemark

High tech

Technical University of Denmark

Project Manager & Researcher

I was the group leader of a challenging project carried out at DTU Photonics that succeeded in building a wireless prototype to detect landslides in mountain areas in Colombia through a remote sensing solution.

This project was financed by the university as result of my previous research in my Bachelor thesis. Our solution was recognized by experts in the field.

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