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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Iliana.

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Bordeaux, France
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Iliana en quelques mots

Iliana Oronoz is part of a family tradition that loves photography, since early age her dad and aunt has been the reference that nowadays inspire her and her brother also a photographer. All of them love to be a silent eyewitness of life; a visual chronicler of existence.

Her professional work begins with a local newspaper at the south of Venezuela, she started to attend to several workshops and seminar were she meet other older photographer that recognize her eyes as they knew the work of her aunt Yolanda Oronoz; which after her dead has become a big inspiration for her and her brother; so much that is interesting to see how much their work are similar in a very interesting way.

The work of iliana goes a little further when she begun to use models and create photos in a studio. It does have an instinctive quality to connect with the subjects and bring out their equalities.

But is has been a long road from the world of journalism, to photo studio and advertisement till now. And if there is something were you will find her soul is on the street photography, just as her aunt just as her brother. This talent to capture the simple, the tragic, the absurdity and the joy of life is what makes Iliana Oronoz works worth seeing. As a photographer iliana will always give you a littler part of the world and a little part of herself; and we don't know which one is better. Perhaps is the synthesis which evokes.




Photographe freelance

juillet 2013 - Aujourd'hui

Photographe pluridisciplinaire

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- Performances évènementielles

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La verdad de Monagas

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janvier 2011 - juillet 2013

Graphic reporter


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janvier 2010 - décembre 2011

Graphic reporter.

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