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Henri Terrasse

data scientist python / data engineer sql

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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Henri.

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Paris, France
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Henri en quelques mots

After working in early-stage startups as a business developer, project manager and data analyst, I specialised in AI for business and real-life applications.

My love for probability mixed with my coding skills and my hacking spirit turn me into a Data Swiss-knife! I worked in the restaurant industry, in the manufacturing field and the Digital Marketing world.

I have experience with the following subject:
- Scrapping Data
- Cleaning Dataset
- Setting up API
- Creating Data Pipelines
- Automation

I learn the most when I’m outside my comfort zone and when I’m practising. My personal projects can be found on my GitHub :
- Scrapping Tool to predict the price of second-hand motorbikes
- A job offer monitoring system
- A simple Cryptocurrency Trading Algorithm

I love challenges, meeting new people and solving problems. I’m looking for opportunities for 2021. I would like to share my knowledge with others, learn from the best and be a better version of myself.


Hoorah Group


Data Scientist

janvier 2020 - Aujourd'hui (1 an et 9 mois)

Marketing Digital Agency

Officially formed the Data Department with the creation of:
- a Data Pipeline for Google Big Query (Google App Script)
- an Instagram Public Data Scrapper for Social Listening
- Process Automation - made reporting 70% faster


Ingénierie mécanique

Data Scientist

Région de Cape Town, Afrique du Sud

septembre 2019 - janvier 2020 (4 mois)

Data Consulting Firm implementing Machine Learning solutions in the manufacturing field

- OCR projects: data augmentation, training, validation. mAP achieve on a test data set: 0.991
- Image classification. Built a boot classifier (Open or close) for an automotive company. Accuracy achieves on a test data set: 0.999
- Time Serie Analysis: Analysed the sensor data from a foundry. Found some pattern in the data. Helped the client to optimize the production by 25%.
Python keras Computer Vision FastAI Data mining Data Cleaning



Data analyst

Région de Cape Town, Afrique du Sud

février 2018 - août 2018 (6 mois)

Startup implementing dynamic pricing for restaurants. Possibility to book restaurants with the app.

- Analyzed data through Mixpanel in order to improve the UX
- Optimized the social media campaigns through AB testing
- Automated some internal process

Wavestone - Wavestone Organisation

Conseil & audit

Finance controller

la défense, Paris

juin 2017 - décembre 2017 (6 mois)

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