Guillaume Fourret

développeur full stack - ruby / node / elixir

Paris, France

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Guillaume en quelques mots

Experienced Full Stack Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the Information Technology and Services Industry. Skilled in Rails, React and DevOps. I have helped various kinds of SaaS businesses in various countries.


mars 2018 - Aujourd'hui | Paris, France

Voyage & tourisme


Senior Software Developer

Working on all part of the technology stack including:
- Ruby On Rails
- React/Redux
- Mobile app built in React Native
- Node.js
- Phoenix/Elixir
avril 2015 - janvier 2018 | Perth, Australie


Agworld Pty Ltd

Senior Software Developer

Ruby On Rails & Javascript (ReactJS) developer shipping tested code in an agile environment for a Software-As-A-Service that helps farmers & agronomists feeding the world.
juillet 2013 - juillet 2016 | Perth, Australie

Agence & SSII


Ruby On Rails Developer - Director

Producing Web Solutions such as:

- Email Marketing Software that allow designers to leverage Amazon Web Services SES to design their or their clients newsletters at an insanely low price with one of the best deliverability.

- Booking software that allows any restaurant to use its own booking system along with its customer base for marketing purposes. It can also be used as a light POS for small restaurant. This proof of concept gave birth to

- SEO Software suite that analyse any websites and gives SEO metrics followed with actionable recommendations; Analyse search engine ranking for any set of keywords for a given country; Provide relevant keyword suggestions in order to find long-tail keywords by leveraging google suggests.

- Static Websites Platform made for designers. Just have to design the web pages through an easy interface in the cloud and click push in order to have their sites deployed. It is by default SEO friendly and blazing fast.
octobre 2013 - décembre 2013 | Sydney, Australie

Education & e-learning

JobReady Solutions

Ruby On Rails Contractor

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