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developpeur python, react and aws

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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Guilherme.

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Paris, France
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Guilherme en quelques mots

Full of curiosity and driven by challenges, I pine to innovate and create new things.
Always motivated to learn and apply new techniques and technologies around Software Engineering.

I have experience as CTO, fullstack developer, Data Engineer and backend developer, specialised in Python (Django, Flask,SQL Alchemy, Pandas, Luigi, Boto3) and AWS (IAM, CloudWatch, Lambda, RDS, DynamoDB, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, EC2), but having also an interesting experience with Javascript (ReactJS, React Native, NodeJS).


Société Générale - Société Générale

Banque & assurances


Paris, France

août 2019 - septembre 2020

Société Générale is a major french bank.
Within the team Public Cloud of Excellence, I work with the Security Feature team, developing and maintaining a Python Django application, with a queueing system, RabbitMQ, and connected to a PostgreSQL database, supported by Docker.

This application launches AWS services using Terraform.

Main tasks:
- Developed and maintained an internal tool to help secure and monitor public cloud usage. (Django, RabbitMQ, JQuery, PostgreSQL).
- Tracked and fixed bugs using Jira as a tracking tool.
- Created weekly deployments in several environments using Docker and Jenkins.
- Handled data migrations between different versions of a given tool.


Conseil & audit

Data Engineer

Paris, France

avril 2016 - avril 2018

Equancy is a data-driven, marketing consulting company based on Paris

As Data engineer at Equancy few of my tasks were:

- Design and development of a Facebook Chatbot for Disneyland Paris, using Python, RabbitMQ, MongoDB and Docker, deployed using Nginx and AWS.

- Design, development and maintenance of a KPI web dashboard, including data ETL, from several different sources , using Python (Django, SQL Alchemy, Pandas, Luigi), Javascript (ReactJS, D3, Highcharts), MySQL, Docker

- Development of tools to automatically generate Excel and Power Point reports, using Python


Presse & médias


Paris, France

mai 2018 - mai 2019

Freshr is a French startup that created a news chatbot on Facebook, with more than 160k unique users.

As CTO, I was responsible for Freshr technology.

Few of main technical tasks were:
- Development and maintenance of a chatbot with 160k user, using Python (Flask, Zappa, SQL Alchemy), PostgreSQL, several AWS services (Lambda, RDS, CloudWatch, Elastic Beanstalk, EC2)

- Design and development of administration tools to allow +60 users to easily create content, integrating Slack with a set of web services developed with Python (Flask)

- Proposition, design and development of a ventilation tool to optimize the reach of Freshr advertisement, using Python - Administration of needed AWS services, services such as IAM, CloudWatch, Lambda, RDS, DynamoDB, Route 53, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, EC2

- Design, development and deployment of several different mobile application, for iOS and Android, using JS React Native for the front-end, and Python for the backend


Edition de logiciels

Developer C++

Technopole de Sophia Antipolis, France

mars 2012 - février 2016

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