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full-stack js developer - react & node 🚀

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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Gary.
Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Gary.

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Paris, France
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I am a creative and passionate fullstack js developer.
After spending several years studying music, attracted by new technologies, I decided to become developer.
At the end of my formation, I have continued my apprenticeship in a self-taught way through many readings and personal projects.
I always want to focus and work on building something useful and stay relevant to the current technological advances.

client: JavaScript (ES5/6/7/8/9), ReactJS (class, hooks), Redux, storybook, HTML & CSS, semantic ui, ant design, styled-components

server: Node.js, Express, sequelize, PostgreSQL

devops: AWS - EC2, S3, Route53, CloudFront, Gitlab CI

tools: git, npm, vscode, postman, Webstorm, gitlab, slack, sourcetree, gitkraken


Transaction Connect

Edition de logiciels

DĂ©veloppeur fullstack JS

Paris, France

juin 2017 - août 2020

I joined the TC dev team as a junior then promoted as a full-stack js developer, i was collaborating with leads to explore existing systems, determining areas of complexity and potential risks to successful implementation.

- Worked on maintenance and enhancements to the existing code base (React, Node)
- Implementation of an internal back office (client/server side) in order to help TC team
- Worked on all of the front end projects end to end in ReactJS
- Structuring application based on the reusable components approach for future use in other projects.
- Developed backend API microservices in Node JS.
- Code reviews, quality control and good practices.
- Writing of documentations and technical specifications.
- Manage front end deployments and releases (AWS S3, cloudFront).
- Worked closely with the CTO/tech lead, UI/UX designer and the product owner.
- Training and coaching for junior devs.
- Worked in Agile methodology and highly growing environments (using Scrum & Kanban (Atlassian JIRA)).
- Use of internal tools (Rollbar, Slack, Gitlab).
- Researching new technologies that could further enhance the user experience.
- Awareness of security on client/server side (JWT, RSA, XSS, CORS, etc.)

Technologies used:
JavaScript(ES5/6/7/8/9), Node.js, cron, i18n, Express, sequelize, React 16+ (class/hooks), Redux, babel, react-router, thunk, reselect, Ant Design, Semantic UI, CSS, styled-components & countless other JS packages

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