Eric Quesada

unity developer (vr/ar, mobile, pc)

Marseille, France

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Eric en quelques mots

My name is Eric Quesada and I'm an Indie Game Developer. I made my first Games with Turbo Pascal when I was 12. The first one was a Pacman-like game composed of only one short intro cutscene and one level. The source code was ugly, the graphic was ugly... but I'll never forget it.

I obtained my Scientific Baccalaureate and I decided to enter in the University Institute of Technology (IT Specialty).
After that, I didn't want to stop my studies but I wished to begin my professional life so I chose a work/study training program at the E-CML (Project Management Degree).
To finish, I followed the engineer training through evening classes to complete my skills.

My initial skills were about Java/ J2EE. Next, I worked on mobile and tablet applications development with iOS and android. Finally, I left my job in 2013 because I saw an opportunity to fulfill my childhood dream: creating games.
I officially opened my indie game studio: Ludonkey.
After that, I was hired by the Njin company in order to set up their own video game studio named Kaiho. It was a great story with great people.

Since 2014 I have regularly used Unity to create personal and professional projects.

Now, I would like to create XR Experiences that's why I followed the VirtuArles Training during 6 month to learn the 3D modeling (3dsMax & Blender).

In November 2019, I opened my new company called LuDK. If you are passionate and you have a great project and you need someone, don't hesitate to contact me I will be glad to help you.


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novembre 2019 - Aujourd'hui | Marseille, France

Jeux vidéo & animation



A new company is like a book with blank pages and you are the guy in charge of filling with good stories.
avril 2019 - juin 2019 | Marseille, France

Edition de logiciels


3D Modeling Internship, Game Developer

I worked with a friend of mine to develop a game/attraction named "SpyBall".
You can play at Geekopolis, a VR amusement park in Paris.
octobre 2016 - mai 2018 | Aix-en-Provence, France

Jeux vidéo & animation

Kaiho Games

Game Developer

I was glad to work in a team of 8 people (one project manager, one game designer, two 2D/3D artists, three developers and one QA person). Our game “Lemuria Bay” was a blend of Match 3 and breeding game. It was made with Unity (targeting mobile platforms iOS/android).
octobre 2014 - octobre 2016 | Aix-en-Provence, France

Jeux vidéo & animation


Game Developer

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