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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Cyril.

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Paris, France
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Cyril en quelques mots

iOS developer since 2012, I worked as a employee as mush as a freelancer. I love building solid app architectures with good technical challenges, and I believe that a flawless user experience is the first step toward an app success.


PSA Automobiles SA - PSA


Développeur iOS

Vélizy-Villacoublay, France

juillet 2019 - mars 2020

I joined a R&D mobile development team of 12 people : 1 lead dev Android + 4 Android developers, 1 lead dev iOS + 4 iOS developers (including me), one product owner and finally, one application architect and team manager.

Our team mission was to maintain and create/upgrade about 20 mobile frameworks, each having its own set of features, and to deliver them to the team in charge of developing the public PSA applications.

In my team, I was the iOS developer in charge of working on all Bluetooth related frameworks. My job there was to :
- Clean and secure existing code
- Create new frameworks and library
- Heavy testing a set of our frameworks on PSA vehicles
- Add unit tests for each framework I was working on
- Think and create new solutions for every technical issue we might encounter


Agence & SSII

iOS Developer

Avignon, France

avril 2019 - Aujourd'hui

After my Unity tryouts, I'm back to iOS development as a Freelancer. I had one mission so far, which consisted in a code audit for a client who was willing to buy an intern iOS application in Objective-C.


Jeux vidéo & animation

Co-founder and Unity Games Designer & Developer

Avignon, France

juin 2018 - mars 2019

I tried to create an indie game company with my brother. For personal reasons, we had to abort our project, now I'm going back to iOS Development as a Freelancer.


Agence & SSII

iOS Developer

Paris, France

juin 2017 - janvier 2018

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