Aurelia Amalvict

data analyst / product - python r

Peut se déplacer à Paris, Paris, Nantes, Lyon

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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Aurelia.
Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Aurelia.

Localisation et déplacement

Paris, France
Peut travailler dans vos locaux à
  • Paris et 50km autour
  • Paris et 15km autour
  • Nantes et 20km autour
  • Lyon et 20km autour


Durée de mission
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  • entre 3 et 6 mois
  • ≥ 6 mois




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Aurelia en quelques mots

I am currently working on a mission at LaFourchette as a Data Analyst and I would be very happy to discuss any mission related to data analysis/data mining/data visualization.

As a freelancer in Data Analysis I love working hand in hand with all the teams across companies I work with to give them access to clean and reliable data. With a strong focus on Product, my missions range from creating easy to handle dashboards to strategic data topics and data product management missions.

Types of missions I can help you with:
- Perform Data Mining to draw business and directly actionnable insights
- Apply machine learning for analysis purposes to help you leverage your data
- Define the right KPIs to monitor your business challenges
- Structure your analysis and monitoring approach
- Create Dashboards in Tableau/Chartio/Google Data Studio to monitor your performances
- Help you determine what metrics drive your business (time analysis, conversions, reach...)
- Perform Data Visualisation to enhance the beauty of your data for internal or external communication
- Implement new Product tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Amplitude, Heap Analytics
- Orchestrate Product Data Maganement missions

R, Python, SQL, Heap Analytics, Google Analytics, Data Studio, GTM, BigQuery, Snowflake, ABTasty,, Tableau

I can work from your offices in Nantes, part-time remotely from Paris and Lyon.

Hope to hear from you soon !




Data Analyst

Paris, France

mars 2020 - Aujourd'hui

- Orchestrated the migration of TheFork’s web analytics platform as PM from Adobe Analytics to Google Analytics (from creating specs, to GTM setup and testing of the implemented tracking)
- Conducted an exploratory analysis on repeat behaviors of customers on R and Python to understand drivers of going from 1 to 2 bookings on the platform
- Paired with BI Data Engineers to stabilize the B2C data assets to answer marketing analysis and reporting needs in the context of migration from Impala to Snowflake (creation of a customer datamart, migration of reports on Tableau, advanced SQL extracts on acquisition, retention and repeat topics)

Malt - Malt

Edition de logiciels

Product Data Analyst

Paris, France

juin 2018 - Aujourd'hui

As the first Data Analyst at Malt, my main mission is to perform analysis and data mining to help Product Managers make data-driven product decisions.

Drive Data Analytics Strategy
- Worked with Malt CPO to build our data analytics strategy
- Defined and organized the Data Analysis Roadmap
- Recruited, trained and managed a team of 3 Product Data Analysts
- Facilitated Data Analyst team meetings
- Created a dedicated data section during the all-hands meetings to share impacting analysis within the company

Helped Product, Customer Care and Marketing teams make data-informed decisions
- Performed Data Mining exploratory analysis in R or Python to draw actionable product insights before the launch of feature conception
- Analyzed usage adoption after the launch of features through extended analysis and easy to use, automatic dashboards
- Communicated key results from exploratory analysis and post-launch analysis with the main stakeholders of each project
- Analysed the impact of a new search engine version implementation

While working on transversal data projects
- Put in place a new analytics tool to smooth the tracking process and give access to clean and certified data to Product Management and Design team (Heap Analytics)
- Created an easy to handle excel tool to measure the significance of our ABTests and analyzed the performances of front and server-side ABTests (design, workflow, algorithmic changes)
- Lead the project, performed analysis and data visualisations for our first edition of “Malt Tech Trends”, our first data report

Tools used: R, Python, SQL, Heap Analytics, Google Analytics, Data Studio, GTM, BigQuery, ABTasty,


Mode & cosmétiques

CEO and Co-founder

Paris, France

octobre 2017 - octobre 2018

Organized events and developed a fitting software to help women find the perfectly fitting bra and gather data about their breasts and bras that fit their very specific shapes.
- Analysed the data gathered from 45 fitting sessions (300 observations) and created interactive analytical reports for our 4 corporate partners on Tableau
- Product development: created the app mock-ups and developed the MVP in Ruby on Rails
- Created a playful and automatized event subscription experience via a messenger bot

Bpifrance Le HUB - BPI France

Conseil & audit


Paris, France

décembre 2016 - juillet 2017

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