Juan Micheli

développeur react / native, nodejs, graphql

Paris, France

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Juan en quelques mots

I am passionate about working on exciting projects, building products (mostly B2C) that people will love and share. I like responsibility roles (CTO / Tech Lead / Lead Dev) and defying adventures (early Startups). I've been working remotely for years and it's part of my lifestyle, with flexible schedules, engaged with the project and taking care of communication and organization within the team. I don't plan to relocate and I like to travel to meet and share with teams and clients.


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mars 2019 - avril 2019 | Télétravail

Partech Partners

Développeur Web Front-End / React.js

avril 2017 - janvier 2018

Mode & cosmétiques


Tech Lead

​LABOTÉ is a French cosmetics boutique in Paris that sells customized products. Each product at LABOTÉ is manufactured on demand with a formula based on the customer skin and wishes. My job there (always remote, except for a few visits) was to build multiple applications like interfaces for the customers and the pharmacists.
I was also in charge of interviewing new developers from overseas, taking infrastructure and other technical decisions, sprint planning...
The technologies used are: Graphcool (GraphQL Backend As A Service), Stripe payments gateway API, Nodejs, ReactJS, GatsbyJS, Emotion (CSS in JS).
février 2016 - Aujourd'hui

Divertissements & loisirs


CTO - Full Stack Developer

Tribus.co was a bartering/swapping web platform. People could exchange services and objects without any currency after communicating with a chat and negotiating.
My job as the CTO was to build a scalable platform, managing roadmaps, tasks, and deadlines, choosing the technology strategy to serve business strategy. On the backend, I used AWS infrastructure with EC2 computing, Route53 DNS management, S3 for images hosting and CloudFront as a CDN, Compose for hosted MongoDB management and Docker Cloud with stack files for containers orchestration and Imgix synced with S3 for easy image manipulation, optimization, and delivery.

Docker cloud infrastructure
Continuous Integration
SEO and performance optimization, code splitting, lazy loading
Mobile first responsive optimization
Progressive Web Application patterns implementation
Google, Facebook and passwordless email token based stateless authentication
React, Redux, CSS modules, PostCSS and Sass
Realtime websockets based full featured chat

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