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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Alexandre.
Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Alexandre.

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Paris, France
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Alexandre en quelques mots

Growth Hacker depuis plus de 4 ans, je suis constamment à la recherche de nouveaux hacks pour booster la croissance de ma boîte et résoudre les problèmes inhérants. J'aime être au plus proche de l'action et me dépasser au quotidien.

Mon parcours d’ingénieur me donne la structure et la rigueur nécessaires pour assurer le succès de chacun de mes projets !

L'ensemble de mon parcours est disponible sur mon profil Linkedin :

Mon credo:
"Passion never fails"
Paul Chen @FloNetWork

"Don't worry about failure; you only have to be right once"
Drew Houston @Dropbox

Mes compétences :
• Growth & Strategy : 2100% de croissance du MRR de Nimley en 10 mois
• Lead Generation & DataBase Acquisition : 50 leads /week/sales (Outbound), 25 leads week/sales (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads). Scrapping (Python 3.6) et Database (Mongo, Postgres, Snowflakes)
• Qualification des leads : Data Scrapping (match personas) , formulaires en ligne (10k results, 60% taux complétion après optimisation)
• Sales & Marketing Automation : Amélioration de la productivité : passage du taux de conversion de 3 à 10%. Campagne de Réactivation Prospects (65% taux de réponses / ouverts)
• CRM : 20 CRM + API utilisés, Sales Funnel optimisés pour Nimley et ses clients, Metrics and Tracking sur le parcours des clients et les différentes automatisation reçues.



High tech

Growth Hacker

Paris, France

septembre 2016 - octobre 2017

Think bigger, Challenge yourself and Others, Get out of the box.

⚡Marketing Automation:
Innovative processes and tools enabling time savings and savings.
Create quality and A/B tested content to improve metrics. Implementation of smart forecasting and reporting.

⚡Sales Automation:
From cradle to grave, including lead life cycle management and lead recycling. We have reached an outstanding human acting automation process, deleting main non-value added tasks but keeping a human behavior.

⚡In-bound marketing and SEO:
Develop marketing contents, increase brand visibility, create smart sales support.

⚡Lead generation, optimization and automation:
Leads identification and collection. From ideation to prospect activation, including innovative ways to make SparkUp impact full. Increase transformation rate, and decrease wasted time. Pre-qualification tools and processes in order to generate quality lead for sales force.

⚡Data brokerage:
Fit best clients requirements, fields and products to find quality data bases. It includes advices for network contacting.

⚡IPO and capital increase:
Website edition, for IPOs and capital increase as Voltalia with efficient communication tools allowing data base creation and focusing on highly interested investors.

⚡Growth minded:
Challenged every day by the work and Jeremy's leadership. It's an unstoppable flow of ideas, failures, successes, mountains to climb, and slides to take. Think Bigger, never give up, and challenge your and others work is the laid motive.

Game changing idea generation. Every day is a challenge to discover, explore and create new out-the-box ideas. It's a continuous brainstorming flow which has to go with criticism and implementation requirements.



Growth Marketing

Paris, France

juin 2019 - avril 2020

⚡️Definition of Popchef Digital Canteen personas: using criteria as site size, companies industries, presence of a canteen, food offer, companies reviews, income...

⚡️Companies qualification: Create a list of 100 potential clients for the Digital Canteen according to the above personas. Cartography of companies and near food offers to rank our top companies sites ("0 food solution") and companies' employee reviews.

⚡️Define and implement B2B Marketing strategies: create awareness using online content strategies and networks leverage through Linkedin and online media.

⚡️Leads Generation: Scrapping companies decision-maker from above personas, Emailing campaign, Online ads campaigns (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google), forms & quizzes related to food and environment. Tracking, analysis and A/B testing.

⚡️CRM (Salesforce): Create an architecture and structure the CRM according to Popchef core data, business, products, and customer journeys. Aims to be the source of truth for analysis and help decision-making for the managers. Re-structure flows, fields, uniqueness criteria, workflow, data accuracy, and user experience. AM/Sales documentation + training session to help them master the CRM.

⚡️DataBase: using Segment, Stitch, API, Webhooks... Create, Structure, Organize and Automate a database for lead generation metrics and analytics. All the SAS are tracked including Salesforce, emailing SAS, Linkedin Activities, form completion, Site links, etc..

⚡️Metrics & Analytics: Create a user-friendly and smart dashboard using Metabase (Postgresql) and Salesforce. It displays different metrics based on your team (AM, Sales, SDR, Canteen Manager)

⚡️Automation: CRM automation (Salesforce, Zapier, APEX, Workflow), Indesign Automation (data merge), leads/churn to salesforce enriched and data validated.

⚡️B2C Strategies for Digital Canteen Customer Acquisition : improve onboarding when a new digital canteen is launched in a company. Onboarding event, newsletter, app notification.


High tech

Growth Hacker

Paris, France

septembre 2017 - juin 2019

⚡Key Business Metrics Dashboards: Retrieve and analyze data to display key metrics on web support (Tableau Online). Including billing Gantt overview

⚡Intra-team Decision Support System: Build a Project Management System on Streak helping Customer Success Team to make a better decision. Displays key performance metrics per project with a health score and global stats. Fully connected to Nimley’s product, Billing system, Sales Pipeline and other customs tools using APIs

⚡Billing System Infrastructure for Nimley: Create quote and invoice specially made for Sales requirements from online form directly available in the Sales Pipeline. Using Stripe, it detects payments from clients, late payment and notifies when there is no invoice made for this or the next month

⚡Sales Automation: Improve retention, conversion and transformation rate. Get the correct information in the perfect location. Create smart personalized automation loops

⚡Process Automation: Reduce friction within different teams by creating and automating communication and information sharing process. It includes storing, naming and sorting features. Custom scripts to eliminate non-added-value tasks as generating reports

⚡Cross Channel Lead Generation: Create targeted outbound campaigns (email, voicemail, SMS, LinkedIn). Works on deliverability issues. Create reports, A/B test and find a data-driven strategy. Launch Inbound Marketing Campaigns (Fcb Ads, Instagram, Blog)

⚡CRM Manager for Nimley: Integrate Nimley product to our Streak CRM. Enrich contacts and create a perfect fit sales funnel. Manage synchronization between our different tools

⚡CRM Consultants and CRM Integration for Clients: Advice clients on how to improve CRM usage and help them customizing it to fit their needs. Integration to more than 15 CRM. Built a monitoring tool for integration performance

⚡Scrapping: Using Jupyter Notebook and Python Scripts on AWS Lambda. Add data to MongoDB databases. Find data from other sources

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