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Luc Bertin

data scientist • python / r

Paris, France

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Rejoignez la communauté Malt pour découvrir le profil complet de Luc Bertin

Compétences (14)

Luc en quelques mots

Graduated engineering student with proficiency in some programming languages and great interest in data science & AI.
Currently affiliate professor at ESILV engineering school (Paris) for MSC students pursuing a speciality in data science with Python and R, I also recently created my freelance status to leverage my knowledge completing external and interesting clients’ projects.

On my GitHub, you can check out contents I have created and showcase to students to illustrate ML concepts, as part of my current position as teacher assistant.
These Jupyter notebooks cover web-scrapping (selenium, beautifulsoup, apis), data manipulation and data wrangling using Pandas, data preparation for Deep Learning using Numpy, introduction to neural networks architectures (simple perceptron, MLP, CNN, RNN/LSTM, etc.) and Keras library, understanding of well-known ML models with respect to bias-variance trade-off.

As of Jan 2020 I started creating my website you can check out on :

Looking forward to collaborating with you !


septembre 2019 - janvier 2020 | Paris, France

High tech


Teacher assistant

Teacher assistant for MSc students pursuing an engineering degree in data science. Teaching the following areas: - Python & R for Data Analysis - Docker and virtualization

*Python / Keras / Deep Learning / Machine Learning (CART, Xgboost, GLM, SVC, etc.) / Web-Scrapping / R.RStudio / Docker
février 2019 - août 2019 | Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Conseil & audit


Data Scientist Junior

Developed an end-to-end Python tool to preprocess, map and validate financial client data according to a newly implemented european regulation data model.
février 2018 - août 2018 | Cité de Londres, Royaume-Uni

Industrie pharmaceutique

University College London

MSc Research Internship in Clinical Modelling & Simulation

6-month data science and medical research project in University College of London’s clinical modeling & simulation unit in partnership with GSK -GlaxoSmithKline on begnin prostatic hyperplasia:
*Model-based meta-Analysis (MBMA) — pooling large efficacy international clinical trials
*Data mining and visualization techniques to explore correlations between baseline covariates and clinical endpoints with R/Rstudio
*Ultimate goal: developing an integrated longitudinal and time-to-event model

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