Youssef El Rhabi

computer vision phd: 3d, data analysis specialist

Paris, France

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Rejoignez la communauté Malt pour découvrir le profil complet de Youssef El Rhabi

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Recherche des missions en Data science, Image processing, Machine learning, Computer vision, Deep Learning

Youssef en quelques mots

Young researcher (PhD+ top ranked "grandes écoles" of engineering) , my PhD topics were computer vision and more specifically augmented reality mobile applications in real time. I'm passionated about problem solving and result oriented.

I have experiences in start ups as well as in big companies providing my expertise in image processing as well as data analysis for those structures.

In my latest tasks I was involved in machine learning projects. I gained knowledge in those technologies that I can bring to your projects.


mars 2013 - janvier 2014 | Caen, France

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computer engineer

Introduction to PhD subject : understanding and implementation of tools in order to registrate a 2D image on the point of view of a 3D scene. Starting work of bibliography. Getting used to unity and mobile apps : creating mobile applications through the medium of unity (serious games, augmented reality apps). Getting in touch with applications story telling.
janvier 2014 - juin 2017 | Barcelone, Espagne

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PhD industrial contract

R&D in augmented reality in charge of creating our own solution in the frame of a PhD. Expert in augmented reality. Advisor in R&D projects of the company.
Results: 2 publications in quality conferences, 1 pending patent

PhD thesis finished in june 2017
décembre 2017 - Aujourd'hui | Vélizy-Villacoublay, France

Aéronautique & aérospatiale

Dassault Systemes

R&D CATIA Photo & Video Development Manager

Capture/reconstruction 3D models thanks to images.
Making Photo to shape application evolve by introducing new paradims and techniques (Machine learning/Data Analysis)
In charge of defining users experience, writing specifications, of prototyping, of product realisation and releaseand release
Deep learning approach based on Tensorflow in order to compute relatives poses of camera. We focus highly on data preparation and architecrture, we assess several approaches to define the best one

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