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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Vy.

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Paris, France
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My PASSION is to dress women elegantly and with sophistication, accenting their natural beauty with a touch of fabric.

Feminine, Elegant, Structure & Pure are words that describe my designs.

I was born in Vietnam, in a developing city with many fashion factories. Sophistication, my initial idea about fashion, my first dream, although through time, I witnessed firsthand the effects of producing beautiful garments.

My initial inspiration comes from my home town, who saw the environmental effects firsthand. Though I was drawn to the beauty of the garments, I experienced firsthand the effects of their production. I spent my teenage years at school in Australia, and at the age of 18, I made my first important decision to follow my heart to study textiles and understand the art of fabric. For my Bachelor of Design Art, I explored the differences between yarns - their combinations, textures, and colours - and how fabric’s surfaces are made through weaving, knitting, brochette, and felting.

I was fascinated by their effects on garments, and how the different techniques created forms and silhouettes on the human body through sewing. Later on, I threw myself into the fashion ocean, Paris, where I trained myself as a pattern maker and French seamstress to infuse life and volume into my sketches.

My creations are a unique combination and modification of different materials, inspired by a variety of cultures, traditions, and societies. Adopting sustainable practices as a way to add back the sophistication/beauty/etc into fashion


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