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Tony Lefebvre

tech lead cloud technologies

Paris, France

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Tony en quelques mots

Passion Cloud Expert. I love building beautiful well-designed applications.

I support my customers to best leverage Cloud and Web technologies to improve business processes in terms of greater efficiency and timely execution, as well as to drive down costs; improve customer service and go-to-market capability; and increase their overall competitive edge in the marketplace.
My role is involved in a broad spectrum of activities including practice development, team participation, and relationship building.

I have 10 years of experience with Cloud and Web technologies.

I created my own SaaS application in 2013, called At this time, Cloud was just started to take and I was already into in.


avril 2016 - février 2019 | Los Altos, États-Unis d'Amérique



Cloud Senior Architect

HEA has been providing software for cost-effective community energy efficiency programs since 2011. HEA software has automatically analyzed smart meter data for more than 6,000 residents of homes, condos, apartments and manufactured homes. HEA is a self-funded startup based in Silicon Valley.

I implemented the Dr. Power application for HEA. The technologies used were Spring 3 using Spring Boot. I designed and implemented the REST/JSON API which is exposed to a browser client ( and both mobile apps (iOS and Android).

Last task with HEA, I changed my role from tech lead to DevOps, and I automated every projects to use AWS CodeBuild and CodeDeploy. I used my knowledge of various technologies like Python, Java, node.js, Maven, Gradle to match with Cloud technologies offered by AWS.

Technologies involved:
Python, Java, REST/API, AWS CodeBuild CodeDeploy, S3, EC2 and ECS, Docker.

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