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Thierry Vo

architect devops | kubernetes | aws certified x3

Paris, France

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Rejoignez la communauté Malt pour découvrir le profil complet de Thierry Vo

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Thierry en quelques mots

I am AWS solutions architect and DevOps Consultant with proven experience in designing, building and deploying cloud based solutions for several years.

I am passionate about new technologies and practices around the cloud, distributed systems, containerization and devops automation. I am always seeking to learn new things and try to share what I learn.

My current interests lie with Amazon Web Services and all of their cloud based technologies.

I currently hold Amazon Web Services certifications:

- AWS Certified SysOps Admin - Associate
- AWS Certified Developer - Associate
- AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

I have architecture design and development experience of cloud native microservices with critical availability & performance requirements.


- AWS Services & Cloud technical architecture
- DevOps automation
- Scalability & HA
- Containerization (Docker) & orchestration (Kubernetes & ECS)
- Scripting & IaC (Ansible, Terraform, Bash, Python)
- Observability (Logging, Tracing, Monitoring)
- Databases (RDBMS, NoSQL) & Polyglot Persistence
- Messaging & Streaming platforms (Kafka, Kinesis, SQS..etc)


août 2019 - août 2019 | Paris, France

Banque & assurances



- Automated the deployment via Ansible, Terraform, Packer
- Configured restricted security with NACL, Security Groups, MFA, IAM, NAT Gateway, KMS
- Established connections On-premise-VPC via Direct Connect & VPC-VPC via VPC peering
- Connected private instance to private S3 via VPC endpoint. Applied Bucket Policy, Versioning

- Set up Fault-tolerant via Application, Network Load Balancer with Auto Scaling group
- Monitored Network via VPC Flow logs, Custom CloudWatch metrics, widgets, SNS, SQS
- Managed multi-accounts across various departments via AWS Organizations, SCP
- Confluence, Powershell, Redhat, Centos, Apache, Tomcat, AWS Cli, Boto3
juin 2019 - août 2019 | Paris, France

Agence & SSII



- Deployed containerized application via Docker to ECR. Used ECS, Fargate, EKS, KOPS
- Scheduling DynamoDB backups with Lambda & Cloudwatch
- Managed SSL with Certificate Manager. Migrated an on-premise SQL database to RDS via DMS
- Applied compliance auditing and governance via AWS Config, CloudTrail

- Established VPN connection from an on-premise data center to VPC via Virtual Private Gateway, Customer Gateway, OpenVPN and also via Client VPN Endpoint
- Ran resilience testing & deployed security path for a set of EC2 via System Manager
- Developed a mobile-based application that would make use of AWS resources via Cognito
- Handled real-time processing on a large amount of data via Kinesis (agent, stream, firehose)

- Queried data log directly in S3 via Athena, Glue. Transformed & moved data in&out of S3 via EMR
- Configured a SAML federation between AWS and the corporate Active Directory. Then mapped AD groups to IAM Roles to manage user permissions

- Performed Machine Learning & Artifical Intelligence, Random Forest & Image classifier with SageMaker, Jupyter, Numpy, Pandas (Dataframe), Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow
- Other AWS services: EFS, Redshift, Route53, WAF, API, Transit Gateway, Step Functions, CodeCommit, CloudFront, File Gateway, Storage Gateway, Personal Health Dashboard
novembre 2018 - avril 2019 | Paris, France

Banque & assurances



- Automated deployment of Kafka Clusters via Ansible (vault); Handled incidents, Zookeeper
- Managed 6 engineers. Monitored architecture via SPLUNK / ELK. 40 TB /day of data. 400 servers
janvier 2018 - novembre 2018

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