ThierryFosso Kenne

Thierry Fosso Kenne

big data/ cloud engineer

Paris, France

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Thierry en quelques mots

I’m a Senior Consultant with experience in Big Data and Cloud computing and Informatica technologies. I have a working knowledge of distributed systems, with understanding of managing semi-structured and traditional relational datasets. I have experience in data integration from complex sources into centralized data lakes for providing analytics, predictive modelling and archiving.


septembre 2018 - Aujourd'hui

Edition de logiciels


Senior Consultant Big DATA

Working experience in Informatica big data, data quality, migration, ETL, consulting and analysis for a wide range of national and international clients spanning multiple industries. Responsible for delivering Big Data Integration projects throughout EMEA both On-Premise and on the Cloud. My responsibilities included but were not limited to:
- Project work including architecture planning, implementation planning, product installation and configuration, use case template development, performance assessments and environment assessments.
- Assisting customers in both technical implementation and functional implementation efforts to ensure customer success. Functional implementation may include rollout strategies and planning for end user deployments of products that support enterprise metadata cataloging and self-service analytics in a Hadoop environment
- Providing renewal rescue activities that may include customer problem resolution, use case design and development and product feature demonstration and application
février 2016 - janvier 2018

Banque & assurances


Java Developer

Broadcast Studio (BCS), is a middle-office software for distribution of referential and real-time data of Société Générale financial products. It is a high-availability, performance-oriented cache application that retrieves, aggregates and keeps up to date version of data from multiple back-ends, allowing its clients to access it in a simple and unified way via an API (Java, C#, Excel plugin).
My responsibilities included but were not limited to:

- Refactoring one of the central modules towards distributed architecture (Hazelcast, CouchBase).
- Performance analysis and optimization: profiling, multi-threading, stress-testing, etc.
- API maintenance.
- Develop log alert monitoring with the stack Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana.
- Develop Microservice API using Spring boot and spring-cloud stack
février 2018 - septembre 2018

Secteur public & collectivités

La Poste

Big Data Developer

SmartLake is a data repository for storing a large amount of structured, semi-structured or unstructured data
on HDFS. It allows data from internal or external systems to be ingested in real time or periodically by
storing, anonymizing, enriching, cross-referencing for exploration and exploitation purposes; The end users
could access either via API or via data-visualization tools like Tableau, Kibana, Zeppelin, etc...
My responsibilities included but were not limited to:
- Development of real-time applications with Apache Kafka
- Development of batch applications with Apache Spark
- Hadoop Cloudera and Mesos Cluster Management
- Build and Deployment with Jenkins, Ansible, Docker on Amazon Aws or Oxéva
- Storage management in HDFS and Elastic Search

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