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Sylvain Chateau

développeur web et mobile

Paris, France

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I am a student in fifth year at Epitech (European Institute of Technology). I study every day and I found a part time for this year in mobile development (Android and iOS) .

I was always passionate by science especially in computer. I started to use my first GNU/Linux os when I was 14. After that I learned a little how to code in C and see how FreeBSD works, it was my first Unix. Now, I'm on ArchLinux, I think it's a really great GNU/Linux distribution.

For the last 3 years, I learn C, C++ and improved my skills in Gnu/Linux. I also know how to admin a Debian system and have some basic knowledge in assembly. I really improve my skills in the web, because of my first internship, I did a website for a school. And also in mobile by developing Android and iOS applications.

I'm someone highly motivated and autonomous, I've got strong background in software development and especially in web and mobile development. I'd like to join great team and share my knowledge and experience with you.


septembre 2016 - février 2017 | Paris, France

Agence & SSII


Développeur Android et iOS plus administration d'un serveur de production

I had to create an Android and iOS application on my own. I work by remote and 3 days a week, the application was built by following a design done by a designer.
The applications were done in native, it consists for people to manage their events. I put the Back-End in production using Nginx and Gunicorn because this part was coded with Django. I used different types of librairies for the application (Retrofrit, ..) mobile and had to call a Rest API.
avril 2015 - août 2015 | Grenoble, France

Agence & SSII


Développeur Web

Full time internship of third year at Epitech.
I did front end css and jquery. And some back end with Django like a website in Django CMS.
septembre 2014 - mars 2015 | Bordeaux, France


Gouts de web

website development and linux adminstration

Part-time with my school (Epitech). I work two days per week (Thursday and Friday).
I develop website with the framework CakePhp and admin some linux.
septembre 2013 - décembre 2013 | Agen, France

Education & e-learning

Mfr de bias

Create a website for a school

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