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Ronny F.

devops engineer

Peut se déplacer à Paris

  • 48.8546
  • 2.34771
Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Ronny.
Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Ronny.

Localisation et déplacement

Paris, France
Peut travailler dans vos locaux à
  • Paris et 50km autour


Durée de mission
  • entre 1 et 3 mois
  • entre 3 et 6 mois
  • ≥ 6 mois





Compétences (50)

Ronny en quelques mots

I am a skilled DevOps Engineer with a long experience of IT-projects based in Germany and I am looking for an IT-project in France (Île-de-France) in the opensource field.

My daily rate is inclusive of Malt's fee.

On request, I can send you my full CV.


Vattenfall Europe Information Services GmbH


Technical Consultant / DevOps Engineer

Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

octobre 2019 - mars 2020

Istio service mesh deployment to safely route traffic in and out Kubernetes
ArgoCD Kubernetes deployment on Azure AKS
Troubleshooting K8s cluster (cgroups in service), define correct values in kubespray for running K8s on RHEL 7
Scale K8s clusters with kubespray
Develop Istio Ingress Gateway Kubernetes manifests and debug networking problems with it
Evaluate possibilities how to logrotate log files for the Dynatrace OneAgent (K8s helm hooks/lifecyle scripts, Ansible playbook, Dynatrace internal log rotation facility)
Customizing K8s helm charts (i.e. Grafana for Istio subpath it is called under)
Deployment of Istio Kiali, Grafana, Prometheus and Jaeger dashboards in K8s
Integrate Istio bundled Grafana and Prometheus into an existing customer installation (scrape_configs, secrets)
Load Istio Grafana dashboards into existing installation
Find a way how to move a hostPort into a deployment template of the Istio Ingress Gateway and move configuration data to environment specific configuration file
mTLS deployment on Istio Ingress Gateway
Escalate specific K8s/Istio questions to Stackoverflow
Develop Deployment and Configmap helm template for adding a hostPort to the istio-ingressgateway Deployment using istioctl, python and a IstioControlPlane config overlay manifest
Following Change Requests and Standard Changes for Upgrade processes (OS, K8s)
Troubleshoot Kubernetes Pod evictions due to tolerations/taints (resource problems)
Install and Run Windows Subsystem for Linux as work environment (set up Artifactory APT mirror and authenticate to it)
Investigate OOMKilled problems with certains Pods in Kubernetes (resource problems)
Contribute to extension of Kubernetes clusters
Disable PodDisruptionBudget in Istio deployment (helm chart) for Kubernetes upgrade
Migration of several Confluence and Jira instances from on-premise to Kubernetes (solving backup dump import problems, verifying the database parameters of the Confluence and Jira databases in MSSQL, solving icon display problems with Internet Explorer 11 and Apache Reverse Proxy (HTTP header), resetting the admin account due to login problems)
Construct Prometheus altering rules, i.e. container memory usage per K8s node greater or equal total kube node memory capacity
Set up Prometheus Alertmanager escalations to Microsoft Teams channel and configure message formats
Kubernetes Istio Linux RHEL Azure ArgoCD Prometheus Grafana Dynatrace Kiali Jaeger Helm Artifactory Apache

Museums of the City of Dresden / State capital Dresden

Secteur public & collectivités

Assistant in data processing, Assistant in IT-Team

Dresde, Allemagne

avril 2005 - octobre 2005


elego Software Solutions GmbH

Conseil & audit

Systems and Network Administrator

Berlin, Allemagne

novembre 2006 - septembre 2008

Administration Linux, BSD, Solaris servers (NFS, LDAP, MTA/Spam, Apache, Tomcat, Samba, Nagios, BIND)
Hosting of RDBMS (PostgreSQL, MySQL) and support for developers
Administration of Active Directory and UNIX authentication against AD
Administration Windows clients, Linux terminal servers, Mac OS
Administration of software development infrastructure (SCM: Eclipse, SVN, CVS, Maven/Ant, build servers)
SVN hosting to customers
Customer support in IT infrastructure questions, Virtualization, Backup solutions
Linux FreeBSD Solaris Postfix Apache HTTP Server Apache Tomcat Nagios BIND Samba MySQL PostgreSQL Active Directory MacOS Subversion Eclipse CVS Maven Ant Backup scripts

Dumrath & Fassnacht KG (GmbH & Co.)

Presse & médias

Systems Administrator and Software Developer

Hambourg, Allemagne

octobre 2008 - janvier 2009

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