Romain Pillard

traducteur/translator ; writer ; proofreader

Grenoble, France

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Romain en quelques mots

My name is Romain Pillard, and I live in Grenoble (south-east of France).
I am an English-French translator with 10 years of experience abroad (Canada, Spain, Czech Republic), and in France, working in the Translation/ Localization Department of ELECTRONIC ARTS, UBI-SOFT, RELIC or even THQ . Since then, I am working as Freelancer and translated many contents for many different contractors (MEDIUM, Cruising Excursions and many others…).
You can find many exmaples of my work on, my articles are under the name Rom2033. Check it out !

I am also French/English teacher in France (for 3 years and a half) and very keen on grammar and spelling. Fond of literature, I published my 1st book one year and a half ago in France ; please also note that I enjoy creative writing as much as reading in general.

My lowest rate is 0.03$/word but depends on the specificity of the translation.


Electronic Arts/Ubi Soft/THQ/Relic

Translator/French Linguistic Specialist

Creative Writer/Translator

Education Nationale

French and English teacher.

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