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Rochette Samuel

data engineer, ml ops

Peut se déplacer à Montpellier

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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Rochette.

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Montpellier, France
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  • Montpellier et 50km autour


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Rochette en quelques mots

Applied mathematics & computer science enthusiast, with a strong track record of implementing and deploying at scale useful deep learning models for computer vision and NLP.

Teacher in python and data science, I keep watch on several topics:
• 📊 how to measure uncertainty in modeling
• ➰ how to optimise ML lifecycle
• ‎💁 how to engage users to use ML

I am deeply convinced that data scientists must have skills in both clean code practices and OPS to lead projects to production.



Machine Learning Engineer  - En tant que freelance

Montpellier, France

mars 2022 - Aujourd'hui (1 mois)


Data Engineering Manager

Montpellier, France

mai 2020 - mars 2022 (1 an et 10 mois)

Build an AI platform that resizes videos temporally and spatially. It is based on a wide range of analysis (object, human, color, shot, scene detection, tracking and re-identification). Models are various (deep learning, classic CV and heuristics).
• Implement tasks, DAG, CI/CD, assessment, retraining
• Managed a team of 4 ML engineers Stack: AWS, kubernetes, argo, docker, python, pytorch, Scrumban, Jira

Freelance, self-employed

Freelance Data Scientist  - En tant que freelance

Paris, France

décembre 2019 - mars 2022 (2 ans et 3 mois)

I help companies conduct statistical analyses, build predictive algorithms and develop applications to take data driven decisions. Significant missions:
• Build a webapp and train a NER model to extract financial information from PDF (python, streamlit, spaCy)
• Time series modeling and vizualisation with confidence intervals (pytorch, prophet, dash)
• MLOps for a NLP webapp (pytorch, docker, dataiku, python)

PyData NYC

Speaker  - En tant que freelance

New York, NY, USA

novembre 2019 - avril 2021 (1 an et 5 mois)

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