Qikai Alex G.

data scientist / machine learning engineer

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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Qikai Alex.

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Paris, France
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Qikai Alex en quelques mots

6+ years of experience in building end-to-end machine learning applications, solid fundamentals of data structures and algorithms. Cross-functional: be able to exchange with data analysts, data engineers, backend engineers and product teams.

I can help you build a scalable end-to-end machine learning applications on AWS. Leave me a message if you are looking for long term collaboration or want to rapidly prototype an MVP during a weekend.


M6 Digital Distribution - Groupe M6

Cinéma & audiovisuel

Data Scientist

Paris, France

novembre 2018 - Aujourd'hui

Automated Machine Learning Platform
• Build a general-purpose automated Machine Learning platform based on Apache Spark framework.
• Build a cross-platform (desktop, mobile and TV) lookalike audience extension system on top of the general-purpose ML platform, which extends the audience reach up to 6 times larger than the base audience.
• Build a video recommender system on top of the general-purpose ML platform serving millions of users.

A little Market - Etsy France


Data Scientist

Paris, France

mars 2014 - septembre 2017

Search Ranking
• Created the first Machine Learning powered application for millions of unique items on alittlemarket.com.
• Designed and developed a user behavioral data collecting system with Node.js and Elasticsearch.
• Developed a unique item purchase predictive model in Python(scikit-learn) and an Algolia reranking process.
• Deployed the predictive model in production as API using Flask.
• Designed and monitored Key Performance Indicators in Google Analytics and internal tools.
• Increased revenue by 15% (A/B test).

Recommender System
• Implemented a content-based recommender system with Spark Scala for millions of unique items.
• Parallelized batch jobs by using MapReduce programming model.
• Reduced job duration by optimizing algorithm's time complexity.

Autocomplete Suggestions
• Built a pipeline in Python for extraction and spelling correction of e-commerce expressions in French.
• Built a parallelization tool to reduce processing time with Python multiprocessing.

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