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Pierre Guilhou

fullstack software engineer

Peut se déplacer à Paris

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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Pierre.
Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Pierre.

Localisation et déplacement

Paris, France
Peut travailler dans vos locaux à
  • Paris et 50km autour


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Pierre en quelques mots

Hi there,

My CS Master’s degree coming to its end, I’m looking for some freelance missions. I’ve been studying for 2 years in Caen’s University DUT – a french HND –, before joining HETIC, which is considered as the #1 french web school. There, I studied for 3 years the main branches that it gives the opportunity to discover through dozens of projects, which are design, business and of course development. For the past 4 years, I’ve been doing internships in software corps, startups, NGO and digital agencies, and though I still have a lot to learn, I’m looking for something new. I’m particularly attracted to greentech, fintech, healthech and more generally innovative fields.

Being fond of technology, my position is at the intersection of front and back-end, as I think that the first need the second one to build something coherent and meaningful. I also enjoy spending time doing architecture-related tasks – deployments, workflow, task runners, scaling – and giving UX or startup business advices. For the past few years, I used technologies like NodeJS, PHP, Ruby and more recently Scala on the backend, often using MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL or ElasticSearch, but I’d love learning more about graph databases with a real-world use case. On the frontend side, I’ve worked with Backbone, jQuery, Handlebars, Lodash, Angular 1.0 and more recently React with Flux and Redux. I’m NOT an expert in every field – and I think that nobody should pretend to be –, but those are the technologies I’ve used a couple of time and that I think I could quickly put myself back into or have a decent opinion about. Curious by nature and problem-solver, I enjoy discovering new technologies challenges and new CS fields.

See you soon!


MFG Labs

Aéronautique & aérospatiale

Full-stack developer

Paris, France

décembre 2015 - Aujourd'hui

Currently working as full-stack developer at MFG Labs. This startup X digital agency is specialized in data exploration & machine learning. Along with the other developers and data-scientists, we are in charge of crafting, scaling and maintaining clients' apps, taking advantage of their huge amount of data to provide meaningful insights. I've been working on a meta-DSP RTB tool and significant clients' apps.

Some of the technologies I use on a daily basis are:
- Backend: Scala, Play & Spray Frameworks, APIs, PostgreSQL
- Frontend: React, Redux, jQuery, SCSS, Gulp, Webpack
Scala Play framework React.js Redux CSS/SCSS PostgreSQL Gulp Webpack Functionnal Programming

Wild Touch


Full-stack developer

Paris, France

mai 2015 - décembre 2015

I was – along with the digital manager – in charge of Wild Touch's digital strategy. I participated to several missions, including the following ones

- Existing platforms improvement, scaling & optimizations (CDN, AWS replication, multi-environments, performances profiling & UX / development improvements)
- Full conception & development of the new Wild Touch's website (back & front), building a strong, evolutive & scalable architecture
- Social experiment in Paris to show giant natural pictures on the BnF's walls – French National Library – along with Twitter's usernames of those who retweeted @wild_touch below the photos. (To know more about this project, see below for additional details)

Some of the technologies involved for those projects
- NodeJS, PHP, Wordpress,, API
- Native JS, ReactJS, Lodash, SASS, Bourbon...
- Gulp / Browserify, ES6, Git
- Twitter livestream, AWS, Facebook, Google's Youtube, Shortener & Translate's APIs
Node.js ExpressJS React.js FluxJS API Wordpress PHP CSS/SCSS Gulp

Hublo (YC S14)

High tech

Full-stack developer

San José, Californie, États-Unis

juin 2014 - octobre 2014

During this 4 months internship, I helped Hublo – an early-stage startup – build its product, which pivoted once during the summer. This startup, which followed Le Camping's program, a parisian-based accelerator, was then accepted to YCombinator's S14 batch. Therefore, we've been to California for three months to be incubated and receive advices to grow & build our product. It was such a challenging and interesting experience, which gave us precious keys to move forward. During that time, I participated to several R&D missions, involving the following technologies:

- Backend: NodeJS, Express, PhantomJS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Metaprogramming...
- Frontend: AngularJS, Native JS, jQuery, Promises, Selenium Browser Automation...
- APIs: AWS, Google Analytics / Adwords
- Others: Git, Grunt, Bower...


High tech

Co-founder, backend developer

Paris, France

septembre 2013 - juin 2014

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