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Philipp Kutter

product owner and business data analyst

En télétravail depuis Frauenfeld

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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Philipp.

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Frauenfeld, Switzerland
Effectue ses missions majoritairement à distance


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  • Banque & assurances
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  • Agence & SSII
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Compétences (34)

Philipp en quelques mots

Philipp W. Kutter worked the last 15 years as a Business Analyst, Data Architect, Data Modeller, Product Owner, Project Manager, and strategic consultant for SwissLife, UBS, Bank Julius Bär, Credit Suisse, and Accenture. During his projects, Philipp has been not only involved in analysis and project management, but as well contributed actively to engineering of business rules, data mappings, complex SQL scripts, as well as hands-on data-, process-and software-models.

He has deep experience in financial instruments, private banking, wealth management, investment banking, core banking, insurance wrappers, insurance processes, credit card issuing, loyalty programs, multi-channel strategies as well as risk & compliance, acquired in various projects for major Swiss banks and insurances, as well as companies in the marketing/internet/credit-card/health-care industries.

Originally, he was trained at ETH as a computer engineer and scientist and has gained master and doctoral degrees with distinction. He has a sound mathematical and engineering background and has successfully conducted research and managed research project during his work as scientific collaborators at ETH Zürich and INRIA Sophia Antipolis. Philipp is an official Swiss expert for ISO and the Swiss Bankers technical working group for Standards Technology & Methodology. He is regularly supervising master thesis work of computer science students at University of Mannheim, in the areas of semantic modelling, ontologies, no-code platforms, and data-modelling.


Agence & SSII


Zürich Area, Switzerland

mai 2016 - Aujourd'hui (5 ans et 5 mois) AG is a consulting company enabling the data value chain for innovative organizations. It took over the MCore technology, that was originally developed by the ETH Spin-Off Montages AG, and was moved into the open domain. Now is enabling commercial usages through their holistic data-driven oriented consulting model. When I took over the CTO role and project lead, I started to apply what I learned from doing business analysis, - architecture and - prototyping for the financial industry in the last 15 years. MCore is a freely available, open source tool to - analyse your business problems both in diagrams and tables - design and implement solutions using a tabular interface, similar to a business rule editor - build, deploy, and operate your business in a tailored generated solution looking like a simple excel sheet, but behaving like a full scaled business software. For business users we assist to installation for free, please contact me directly. For updated infos, see as well New builds planned regularly, check it out. Here are the links: - Main Open Source project developing MCore: - Home page with all other links:

PQM Consulting AG

Secteur médical

Product Owner and Information Architect

Zurich, Switzerland

janvier 2020 - décembre 2020 (11 mois)

As product owner and data architect I am defining model based change requests (CRs) for a team of 7 .net/C#, Angular, Android and iOS developers from the Ukrainian company Intobi #intobi We use object models defined with the open source tool MCore #mcore as a lingua franca to define data models, application models, APIs, JSON messages, in an environment of constantly changing requirements. The developers feel relieved from too fine granular requirements on a class and feature level, enjoying coarse-grained model based change request (CRs). We have only scratched the possibilities to leverage in the CRs the use of the generated prototypes, covering structures, static and dynamic semantics, as well as example and test data, as well as tabular visualizing GUIs. Produktivity in covering very complex and constantly changing requirements rised sharply. The contributors in the team made this possible. They are: - Vadym Vykhrystiuk, DevOps, Android and Kotlin mobile app, - Aleksander Nazarchuk, C# and SQL backend, - Aleksey Gutyro, iOS and Kotlin mobile app, - Volodymyr Shynkarenko, back and frontend developer, - Vasyl Mykytyn, Angular GUI, - Artem Ishutin, IoT and Rasperry, - Alexey Shatilov, DevOps, modelling,

Credit Suisse

Banque & assurances

Product Owner Data for Business Records Management

mars 2019 - Aujourd'hui (2 ans et 7 mois)

March 2019 to December 2019 and April 2021 till now.

In the preparation for a large program in the Records Management area, I am in charge of the high-level analysis and the financial summary, a management tool covering the evaluation of the RfP responses, both commercially and content wise. Beside these main tasks, I am investigating the capability of Open Text Records Management and Cube Global RegTech products and validate whether the capabilities of the internal systems in those are can be mapped to the standard products. In order to avoid total dependency on vendors and loss of knowledge, I introduce Semantic Modeling and UML Modeling to capture and document existing knowledge, mainly on the business and compliance side. Our program was intended to start in January 2020 but was delayed till 2021. The program implements compliant business records management (BRM) group wide. I am assigned the role of the lead of the data stream to define a target data model for the business records of all business groups of the bank.

Swisscard AECS GmbH

Banque & assurances

Test Architect and DevOps Strategy Consultant

Zürich Area, Switzerland

avril 2018 - décembre 2018 (8 mois)

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