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Philippe Pierrot

consultant en stratégie et data management

Paris, France

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Philippe en quelques mots

With over 20 years of experience in Equity trading platform, M&A, Fund management, Finance and HR transformation programs, Strategy and Business development, Business transformation, Data Management / analytics and Digital solutions.

I have been working in the Industry, Financial Services, Investment banking and Management consulting firms in different markets (Asia, France, UK..) Highly accomplished Business Analyst with strong financial services industry experience.

Understanding of financial instruments, terms and conditions, pricing and risk analysis across multiple asset classes (fixed income, equity, hedge funds, derivatives…)

Familiar with electronic trading, Algorithm trading: actually using Wealth-Lab: v.6.1 for developing and backtesting stock and futures trading strategies using technical (and fundamental) analysis

Specialties: General Management, Business Transformation (HR and Finance), Due Dilligence, Business Development, Investment Banking, Business Transformation (HR and Finance),M&A, Algorithm trading, Electronic trading platforms, Client trading Risk management and Interim management (Market development for different Consulting firms in Asia and UK)

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