Othman Abboud

front-end react js developer

Pianottoli-Caldarello, France

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Othman en quelques mots

I like to see myself as an adaptive, clear-headed and joyful person. I really enjoy learning, teaching and building with people ; I find these to be a good way to connect with everyone, a really enjoyable way to live one's life.
Hence, my passion for software engineering and possibility to translate people's ideas into experiences for others.
I am actually working as a front-end web developer on React (you can find on my skill set all the details) . I can produce rest api as well with node and express. And of course git which is one of my favourite tool for sharing and contributing.


janvier 2019 - Aujourd'hui | France


Web Developer

Doing Web development mostly Front-End, in the process of learning Back-End as well.
janvier 2014 - Aujourd'hui | France


Freelance Audio Engineer

Did Live concerts as main Audio Engineer, from choosing the setup to setting it up and mixing live (recorded or not).

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