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Mengxue Jin

développeur front-end senior

Peut se déplacer à Paris

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Localisation et déplacement

Paris, France
Peut travailler dans vos locaux à
  • Paris et 50km autour


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Front-end developer with 3 years of experience, I've built sites for various clients from independent artists to big companies, all with great focus on details and modern web techniques. I've also helped to build the responsive interface of a SPA for a French tech startup, using React&Redux. During 2017, I've worked on 2 large scale applications related with online advertising and 3D visualisation, with a react/scala tech stack.
I use solely javascript to accomplish my work, with frameworks like jQuery, React. I'm also a CSS expert familiar with all the power it offers : Less, Sass, Post-css, autoprefixer, css Module, flexbox & grid layout, you name it! The building and deployment process for a modern website/application is no secret, I use tools like gulp, webpack, git to make both me and my clients happy.
I've also done some wordpress based sites, with handcrafted custom themes.

Each project is unique and important, I like to talk with clients about all details and requirements, communication is something I take seriously. Thank you for your time and hope we meet soon.


MFG Labs

Agence & SSII

Senior Front-end developer

Paris, France

novembre 2018 - Aujourd'hui (4 ans et 7 mois)

MFG Labs

High tech

Freelance Front-end developer React

Paris, France

février 2017 - octobre 2018 (1 an et 8 mois)

Worked on 2 different long-term projects using React & Redux. One with 3D visualization, another online advertising related.
New features / migration from old tech stacks / bundle & build & CI


High tech

Front-end developer

Paris, France

février 2016 - août 2016 (6 mois)

Paris based startup to collect and share knowledges more easily for you and your team.

Build the responsive interface for mobile browsers and application


High tech

Founder & Front-end developer

Paris, France

janvier 2014 - Aujourd'hui (9 ans et 5 mois)

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