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Melanie Meka Mva

computer science engineer, mba, itil 4, prince 2

Paris, France

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Travaille en partie dans vos locaux et en partie en télétravail
Zone d'activité
Recherche des missions à Lyon et 50km autour, Saint-Étienne et 50km autour, Marseille, Grenoble
Recherche des missions en Gestion de projet, Stratégie d'entreprise, Stratégie SI, Stratégie marketing, Conduite du changement

Melanie en quelques mots

I am an experienced and high-driven expert, with a results-oriented and entrepreneurial mindset.
I bring over 15 years of experience in directing and conducting projects, as in different areas of business management.
Specialized in finding innovative and profitable solutions in challenging environments, I am a steady head under pressure, and comfortable in fast pace, multicultural and unstable work environment.

You will be able to work with me, both on technical projects as on more general areas, where best practices such as ITIL 4 or PRINCE 2 apply.

I founded e-Lunet Optic. Our vision is to become an online giant in the optical market in Africa. My mission is to translate this vision into strategy. I will, therefore, be able to be by your side for your projects in the field of marketing strategy, business strategy, business development, entrepreneurship.

Working as a freelancer is a choice of flexibility and diversity.

Business Management
● Translate vision into strategy
● Vision and Mission
● Market analysis
● Value chain
● Partnership

Marketing strategy expert
● Market research
● Data-driven marketing strategy
● Product positioning
● Attractiveness of market segments
● SWOT analysis.
● Customers behavior
● Market drivers & trends
● Competitive analysis
● Marketing mix: 7 P

● Business plan
● Business model
● Value proposition
● Lean startup
● Pitching
● Innovation
● Financials

Project Manager / IT Project Manager
● Planning and development of project initiation documentation (PID)
● Stakeholder management and communication
● Monitoring minimizing the impact of risk
● Phase, milestone and final project review
● Providing leadership to the project team
● Identification of customer requirements
● Purchasing and contracts for IT services, equipment and products
● Change control and release management

Software engineer
● Development, implementation, maintenance of software. ­
● Architecture definition


février 2018 - Aujourd'hui | Saint-Étienne, France

Secteur médical

e-Lunet Optic, The online opticians for Africa

Founder - Executive Director

Ensure that e-Lunet Optic can operate at scale in Africa. This means leading the drive to grow scale by solidifying established partnerships and work to develop new relationships. It also means building and nurturing strong relationships on the buy-side and ensure e-Lunet Optic has a seat at the table as Africa undergoes a transformation brought on by the adoption of the internet, mobile banking.

● Translate e-Lunet Optic goals into effective integrated marketing strategies and campaigns for key geographies in Africa, product lines, and customer segments.

● Oversee the development and execution of thought leadership and communications programs throughout Africa.

● Develop and manage marketing budget, measuring and optimizing marketing programs to ensure activities are effective, efficient, and demonstrate ROI

● E-Lunet Business Model implemented in Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Madagascar
● Seed money raised
février 2015 - janvier 2018 | Saint-Étienne, France


VIAVI Solutions

Marketing expert of Distributed Acoustic Sensing Systems

As a marketing specialist, I defined the marketing strategy of a new product offering at VIAVI solutions.

The main actions
● Analysis of the competitive landscape
● Analysis of the value chain
● VIAVI SWOT analysis
● Analysis of the Distributed Acoustic Sensing market
● Evaluation of the market attractiveness
● Analysis of potential markets
● Identification of attractive market segments for Viavi
● Recommended of a target segment for Viavi
● Recommendation of a 7P strategy for Viavi
● Recommendation of a competitive strategy for Viavi
● Estimation the future cash-flows,  the NPV and IRR

VIAVI is today the unique low-cost player of the distributed acoustic sensing technology and the positioning I recommended led to the realization of revenue earlier as expected.
février 2007 - mai 2015 | Saint-Etienne



Project manager of the Optical Network Management IT Systems

My duty:  Deliver IT Systems

● Provided expertise on requirement analysis, System analysis,  design and architecture of the IT system.
● Active in implementation, programming, testing, maintenance and the design of robust and efficient database structures on Oracle.
● Directed feasibility assessments
● Developed technical documentation and training material
● Presented the system to customers
● Provided third level support

● Revenue growth of about 10% trough re-purchase and new customer win.
● Market share growth in North America (10%) where we had to compete with Exfo and Huawei.
● Achieved customer satisfaction by understanding their needs.

What I learned
● Be fast, be the first to provide the right features to win the tenders
● Establish good partnerships
● Understand the customer
● Stay aware and informed of the new developments in IT technologies in order to provide leadership direction on continuous improvement and the adoption of new technologies.
  • project management
  • Provide baseline management products
  • Reporting
  • Tailoring to suit project
  • stakeholder management
  • communication
  • Manage progress
  • manage change
  • manage incidents
  • determine project team
  • delegate work pakages
mars 2005 - janvier 2007 | Saint-Étienne, France



Software Engineer

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