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I am here to help companies and entrepreneurs in their marketing practices and define their strategies for development phases of their companies(online, offline). with more than 7 years of extensive experience in implementing management solutions and holding corporate responsibilities in different industries, I give you peace of mind that with a right approach you also can be successful at your business endeavor.
If you want to define or redesign your Org. structure, marketing strategies, Internet marketing,, branding policies, and development plans, I am here to be of your help.
Also, my approach is consulting-coaching. in another word, you can make sure not only a management consultant is beside you to give you the right direction and implement it together but also, I help you and your team with their soft skills in order to have a long-lasting profitable result for you.


Rahbord holding

Conseil & audit

Marketing/ business development manager

Téhéran, Iran

mai 2011 - février 2016

Manager of Education and Consultation Department - Strategy and Development of Sciences
center (SDScenter)
Defined the annual target for the team
Participated in negotiation with managers (B2B marketing)
Holding more than 20 seminars and Lecturing 4 seminars for managers in Iran
Co-author of 11 management training handbooks in such areas as marketing, effective
communication, strategic management, ...
Giving speeches to 7 management seminars on such topics as organizational structure, Creative
organization, performance appraisal, employee retention
Project - In a company in the Travel industry, CRM system implemented/ redefined the annual sales target
with 63% increase in Sales/ 15%increased market share /annual marketing plan was written and
Project - In a company in the Cosmetics industry, the marketing plan was written/ market development in 3 main provinces of Iran accomplished/ sales volume increased by %23 / sales representatives
were selected/ marketing department was redesigned
Expert editor in 4 issues of a magazine targeted managers and manufacturers
Contributed 8 articles on marketing, sales, and strategic management and etc.
Management software Analyst - Ostad Hamrah Software Group
Planning for producing a Performance Evaluation software, Analysis the process of evaluation
Had an intermediary role to translate managerial analysis and concepts for the programmers
Managed all the sessions with programmers and report to the Chairman of the board
Business development/Marketing Manager – Milaton Auto Parts Manufacturing Group
Successfully launch a new brand of Brake pad for Iranian-made cars with the high quality of
packages with two OEM partners
wrote a marketing plan for two years (B2B/B2C)
Marketing/Business Development Manager - 3rd Millenium Diaco Food Corporation
Successfully market research for 4 lines of products in the food industry: tomato sauce, frying and
cooking oil, snacks
initiating of a food distribution system (B2B)
creating the sales team and other members of the supply chain
Market segmentation based on the region

Parsia ideh management consulting clinic

Conseil & audit

Vice president

Téhéran, Iran

mars 2016 - septembre 2017

I was a co-founder of this company with a group of senior management consultants.
Lead the team of 6 at the office and a group of 20 consultants in projects
Wrote the marketing plan for the team to achieve their target (B2B marketing) beside the
strategic plan of the company
Successful Implementation of management solution in 10 companies
The accomplishment of our annual target for 2 years consecutively
In a company in the food industry, I wrote a marketing plan for a quite new augmented product in
the market, created the sales team, trained them, did the organizational clinical analysis
In a company in IT sector, we reached 2.5 times larger annual sales target and accomplished that
following the market research and analysis of market and company’s potential/market
development (B2G)/ redesigned the organizational structure causing more productivity of the
company as a whole / created dynamic framework in the Human resource department to
effectively evaluate employees performance (was delivered in 10 months)
In a company in the food industry (coffee importer and later manufacturer), redesigned their sales
system from traditional wholesaling to a systematic wholesaling system (B2B), initiated their B2C
selling/ redesigned the organizational structure/ defined the marketing and sales strategies with
39% sales increase/ high brand recognition in national level achieved/ sales team productivity
increased by 40% in 3 months
In a accompany in the construction industry, I wrote the marketing plan/ the sales team were
trained/ sales increase by %36/ knowledge management in marketing and HR department (was
delivered in 3 months)
In an international company in the offshore industry, a strategic management plan implemented/
market development in South America and Northern Africa achieved (was delivered in 11 months)

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