Maxime Delpit

fullstack developer & entrepreneur

Paris, France

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Maxime en quelques mots

After first experiences in strategy consulting and entrepreneurship I decided 5 year ago to learn web development in order to provide a full service to companies looking for process digitization.

I can step in early in the project positioning and mockup and as a backend and frontend developper.

I have a launched a web agency 4 years ago where I add the opportunity to work on different projects from industrial process digitization (communication platform in 3D printing plant at Thales, non-quality system management, preventive maintenance in aeronautics) to more mainstream web platform (e-commerce, CRM, marketplaces...)

I love to help people to structure and launch their project. I'm a dedicated person, focused on pragmatism. I always try to challenge ideas and technical issues to bring a relevant answer to clients.


avril 2016 - Aujourd'hui | Paris, France

Agence & SSII



Goose is a web-development agency focusing on bringing productivity gains, cost savings and strategic development to companies by developing custom digital solutions.

We develop custom web-plateform for companies to smooth operational processes.
We also help entrepreneurs and companies test their idea by providing proof of concept & Minimum Viable Products
Inspired by agile methods we commit to bring tech tools inside non-tech companies.
Anywhere on the value chain we listen & challenge your business issues and build a custom solution for you company

Among other we have worked on the following projects:
- Thales / Usine.IO : development of a proof of concept to smooth cooperation & communication between engineering & production team on 3D-printing projects
- Ariane Consulting: develop a plateform to manage & optimize aeronautic fleet maintenance
- The Editorialist: development of first platform of corporate news and internal reporting tracking tools
- Como : logistics platform to track the company cardealers stocks & sales to improve productivity
- Nikita Nettoyages: development of a staffing platform
décembre 2014 - avril 2015 | Paris, France

Ariane Consulting- ARIANE GROUP

Fullstack Developper

Helped in their digitalization process.
Realized a predictive logistics web app
Realized their corporate website
juin 2013 - décembre 2014 | Paris, France

Conseil & audit

Corporate Value Associate

Strategy Consultant

Corporate Value Associates is a boutique strategy consulting firm addressing top management issues, from strategy design to operational execution.
Took part to the optimization program of indirect sourcing and procurement expenses for a leader of infrastructure industry
Participated to design the strategy of the future distribution network (click & mortar) in France for a worldwide insurance company
février 2014 - mars 2015 | Paris, France

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CEO & Cofounder

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