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Kim Huynh-Kieu

product design - from research to prototyping

Peut se déplacer à Paris, Saint-Malo, Rennes

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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Kim.
Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Kim.

Localisation et déplacement

Paris, France
Peut travailler dans vos locaux à
  • Paris 12e Arrondissement et 50km autour
  • Saint-Malo et 20km autour
  • Rennes et 20km autour


Durée de mission
  • ≤ 1 semaine
  • ≤ 1 mois
  • entre 1 et 3 mois
Secteur d'activité
  • Aéronautique & aérospatiale
  • Agroalimentaire
  • Agence & SSII
  • Architecture & urbanisme
  • Automobile
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Kim en quelques mots

Hello ! I'm a 10 years experience designer established in Paris and I'm also a musician. I started learning interaction design with designers, then coding with coders in a hackerspace in the early 2000s, after years in healthcare and live entertainment.

The unusual path of learning Design or code gave me the opportunity to practice those in the Web, aside and during my student years, my marketing positions or even through my freelance activities.
Then I decided to fully assume a designer career path, enriching it with other experiences like ethnographic researches, UX, biomimicry or object design.

I’m deeply passionated about intersections between human, creation, technology and the environment.

My curiosity usually brings me to whatever concerns design (of course), art, creation process. But sciences (biology), democracy, food, education & our futur as a society or as a specie are also key drivers. I love to be part of teams who wanna change the world.

I trust in positive changes, utopias and... prototypes for meetings (not in the PowerPoints and Excels classic combo).
I make fast and clean to share quickly ideas with a tangible media.

Sometimes I try to train others to prototype too.

On the other side, my marketing & business skills are used to promote innovation, new business models and change making.


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Good Galaxy

High tech

Founder CEO & Chief of Design

Paris, France

décembre 2019 - Aujourd'hui

Design first tech company building tools for ecological agriculture and gardening.



Chief of Design

octobre 2018 - Aujourd'hui

Designing an Overview Effect web platform, leading tech architecture and content art direction for OneHome with mathematician, novelist, energy and space expert Jean-Pïerre Goux (following Blueturn project). We use digital tech and Earth pictures streamed from NASA’s DSCVR satellite. Aiming to mainstream the planetary consciousness and ecological awareness. This project also aims to provide an « almost realtime » window opened on our planet.

Telecomparistech - Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Education & e-learning

Design Teacher - UX & Prototyping - SES Dpt.

Telecom Paristech

mai 2016 - Aujourd'hui

Visiting professor supporting Professor Samuel Huron. Teach international engineer students how to become design compliant, creative & master services interfaces prototyping.

Workshops : user researches - contextual design & user journey - design challenge identification - creativity methods - UX + UI design - Service design - fast prototyping - design sprints

Air liquide - Air Liquide


Head of Design & co-founder at Creative Foundry

Digital Transformation [i-Lab + Factory]

janvier 2017 - décembre 2019

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