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Katerina Krief

translator french spanish german russian (native)

Zürich, Switzerland

  • 47.3768866
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Katerina en quelques mots


I am offering you my services as a translator, interpreter and text reviewer in any work field.

I especially like translating because it is a way to connect people all over the world!

My background is very international. I was born in Ukraine, I grew up and studied in Germany. After graduating I opened my own translation company in France.

Russian and German are my mother tongues.

After high school I did a BA and an MA in foreign languages (Spanish and French) mainly at the Humboldt University of Berlin with a semester abroad at the University of Buenos Aires and at the University of Lausanne. The main fields of my studies were translation, social linguistics, media analysis, litterature and teaching.

In the last few years I gathered working experience in translating mainly from French to German and Russian, but also from French to English and Spanish. Furthermore I am experienced in SEO writing on wordpress and proof reading texts in German.

all other combinations between...
Deutsch Русский Español English Français

Reliability - Respecting the fixed deadlines


octobre 2017 - octobre 2017 | Paris, France

Grande distribution


Interpreter RU-ES

Interpreting business meeting between Russian and Columbian companies on the Procolombia fare in Paris.
novembre 2017 - Aujourd'hui | Paris, France

Education & e-learning


Web Editor and Translator

Writing, adapting and translating articles for the German version of the learning blog In particularly about tools and advice on how to learn Spanish, English and Maths.
décembre 2017 - décembre 2017 | Paris, France

Banque & assurances

Hush SA

Translator FR-RU

I was translating the website of the bitcoin bank Hush from French to Russian and German as well as proof reading the English translation.
octobre 2017 - Aujourd'hui | Paris, France

Education & e-learning



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