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Julien Heiduk

data scientist

Lille, France

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Recherche des missions à Bordeaux et 100km autour, Lille et 100km autour, Marseille et 100km autour, Paris et 100km autour, Brest et 100km autour et à 1 autres
Recherche des missions en Data science, Python, NLP, Machine learning
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Recherche des missions ≤ 1 semaine, ≤ 1 mois, entre 1 et 3 mois, entre 3 et 6 mois, ≥ 6 mois
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Recherche des missions dans les secteurs Voyage & tourisme, Vins & Spiritueux, Transports, Télécommunications, Sport et 46 autres
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Recherche des entreprises de 1 personne, 2 - 10 personnes, 11 - 49 personnes, 50 - 249 personnes, 250 - 999 personnes et 2 autres

Julien en quelques mots

I love being curious and finding new ways to contribute at the transformation of companies. I want to have an impact on the business and guide my colleagues to make the right decision. I am passionate about Data Science. It is intellectually stimulating and I like using cutting-edge methods and technologies to solve a problem. So I never get bored !

I have started my career as Data Scientist at OVH within the IT System Department. My job was to develop supervised and unsupervised models to find the key pieces through the data. My main goal was to develop projects which have a positive impact on the Customer Relationship Management.

I worked at Jagger and Lewis as Senior Data Scientist between August 2018 and may 2019. My goal was to overhaul the AI part of the company. I built the project Dog's Activity recognition and we reached the accuracy rate of more than 80% (before that it was close to 50%). On the top of that I decided to change the language programming used by Python for the AI part but also for the Web Services (it was in Matlab and C#) in order to standardize the technology used.

I have been working on a personal project about NLP since August 2019. I am also Mentor Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer at Openclassroom.

Don't hesitate to send me an email, I answer quicly. I am currently available for project about Machine Learning and Deep Learning. I have a lot of experiences about Machine Learning projects End to end, NLP and Neural Network.


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juin 2019 - Aujourd'hui | Lille, France

Education & e-learning


Mentor Data Scientist & Machine Learning Engineer

I help aspiring Data Scientist & Machine Learning Engineer to achieve their goals !
août 2018 - mai 2019 | Tourcoing, France

High tech


Senior Data Scientist

My main goal is to developp the best AI-system for Dog's Activity Recognition. Our purpose is not just to have the best AI-system but to propose the best smart collar for dogs on the market !

In parallel I am developing the research and development part in order to explore other deep learning approaches. To succes theses tasks I am working with a Machine Learning Engineer who is supporting me on the project related to the data.

In addition to the implementation of the machine learning project end-to-end, I am working on the setting up of tools to improve the project management, the data visualisation and the workflow of our data. All of the tools implemented are open source.
décembre 2016 - août 2018 | Roubaix, France




I focused on the implementation of a recommender system (Products approach), Association Rules, scoring (of interest) and segmentations with the objective of developing the CRM.

I have implemented the time series forecasting with RNN with the aim of predicting the activity at the call center to scale the teams. I have also contributed to the implementation of a Proof Of Concept about the speech to text based on the algorithm WaveNet (DeepMind). I was able to use NLP’s algorithms in order to explore and to do an analysis of the surveys data.

About the tech I use: Pyspark, Hive, Dataiku,Tensorflow and Python
mars 2017 - novembre 2017 | Lille, France

Education & e-learning


Mentor Data Scientist

12 missions Malt

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