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Jean-Luc Nguyen

startup bootstrapper / cto (php/nodejs/reactjs)

Paris, France

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Rejoignez la communauté Malt pour découvrir le profil complet de Jean-Luc Nguyen

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Jean-Luc en quelques mots

I'm a real entrepreneur with IT technical skills. I have founded and directed a company for 4 years, launched several projects from scratch and recently helped a startup grow from 1 to 35 software engineers. My technical skills are system and network administration, and web development. I'm a fullstack software engineer, but more comfortable with back-end development (PHP with Laravel and NodeJS), than front-end development (Bootstrap/ReactJS).

I would be your perfect ally if you are looking for a CTO to bootstrap your project, who is able to code and deliver your MVP quickly but also help your company grow by attracting top talents.

I'm basically a problem solver and will do what it takes for your project to succeed


janvier 2006 - décembre 2010 | Paris, France



up to 350K EUR annual revenues and 2 employees

Sales & Marketing Strategy (B2B and B2C):
- 3000+ customers with 10% recurrent users.
- PR Campaign leading to television report on main French TV Channel (M6) and top French IT newspaper (Le Monde Informatique)
- SEO on competitive keywords such as “dépannage informatique, assistance informatique, maintenance informatique” leading to first page results on 3 main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and 1st result on Google for “dépannage informatique à distance”.
- Pay-Per-Clic optimization (keyword selection based on ROI, user tracking) on Google Adwords / Yahoo advertisement / Bing Ads leading to 30% decrease of customer acquisition cost
- User retention and acquisition through marketing emails (special offers, discounts, referrals)

Technical projects:
- Development of internal CRM/ERP highly customized to business needs (financial reports, clients statistics and history) in PHP/MySQL
- Deployment of self-hosted VOIP infrastructure (Asterisk + softphones): decentralized Call Center, employees working remotely from several locations (integration with CRM, automatic call recording, dialplan)
- Servers administration and monitoring
- Development of various tools to support the business (scraping of companies listing for prospection, user tracking on website)

- Built a national network of 50+ subcontractors
- Everything an entrepreneur has to do to run a business: legal work, accounting, recruiting, paperwork
septembre 2013 - septembre 2015 | Luxembourg

Etix Everywhere


- Developed the MVP of the company extranet
- Recruited more than 35 software engineers and interns in 12 months
- Managed a pool of 6+ R&D projects (Web, mobile and IoT)

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