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Jean Bernard Paya
Business Analyst/Consultant en Machine Learning
  • Tarif indicatif
    350 €/ jour
  • Expérience8-15 ans
  • Taux de réponse100%
  • Temps de réponse2h
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Beaugency, France
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  • Mas-de-Londres et 100km autour
  • Paris et 100km autour
  • Montpellier et 100km autour

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Jean Bernard en quelques mots
For several years, I have been working in the areas of marketing and sales, assuming management roles in several instances namely AXA Assistance.
I made a career change twelve years ago to focus on the trading of derivatives. I am now a data analyst with a deep knowledge in macroeconomics. I am also a regular speaker on the French channel TV Finance; the past interviews have been uploaded to my LinkedIn profile.
Since a few years now, my interest in machine and deep learning has increased considerably and I decided to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to even go beyond the trading industry.
Below is a brief description of my expertise and skills:
 Figuring out which employees may quit
 Figuring out which customers may leave your business
 Who to target for donations
 Predicting insurance premiums
 Detecting card fraud
 Predicting R&B prices
 Analyzing conversion rates of marketing campaigns
 Predicting engagement. What drives AD performance?
 A/B Testing(optimizing ADS)
 Knowing your customers. Customer Lifetime Values
 Product analytics(exploratory data analysis)
 Clustering customer data
 Product recommendations systems – E-commerce store used by Amazon, Netflix etc
 Recommendation system using LITEFM
 Sales/Demand forecasting which also enables stock and employees shift monitoring
 Summarizing reviews
 Detecting sentiment in text
 Deploying a Machine Learning API using AWS: using the cloud system instead of local machines in the real world.
Sound knowledge of Django
• A good understanding of computational and programming principles and expertise in data analysis, independent and collaborative research, problem solving and general programming
• Programming skills (Python and its various libraries among which: Anaconda, Keras, scikit learn, numpy, matplotlib, random forest, boosting, bagging, boostrap etc)
• Prior experience of global markets and trading platforms
• AI/ML skills
• Fluent in both English and French

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