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Abdelhamid Hassani

chief marketing officer / opérations manager

Paris, France

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Head of Operations with more than 7 years of successful experiences in the development of fast-growing start-ups (Sponsorise Me, Têtu).
I manage the scale up phase by securing the revenue and recruiting, training, coaching, leading the team (Sales, Mkg, Ops) to leverage their energies into scalable processes supported by technologies and make the best dream team. My experience allows me to have an immediate positive ROI


avril 2011 - mars 2015 | Paris, France

Presse & médias



Key Account: Sony PlayStation France
§ Global digital lead for a web site www.weareplaystation

§ B2B and B2C digital strategy, execution and management of global initiatives.
Management : 5 people (1 Account Manager, 2 project manager and 1 Community Manager)
PlayStation France :
Launch of WE ARE PLAYSTATION, the 1st purchase recommendation platform for the players, by the players. Our ambition : Become the "TripAdvisor" of gaming
How ? Collect players’ opinions on the games they know, sustain the implication of the players in the community, spread player's opinions in POS and drive business through the power of peer recommendation.
septembre 2013 - mars 2018 | Paris, France




§ Operations
o Strategy of the company in Europe
o Establishment of the company in the UK (London) France (Paris)
o Recruitment and Management of a team; Sales, Marketing, IT, User Support (18 people) o Budget management;
o Board reporting
§ Business development (B to B) – Managing a Sales Team, Targeting major brands CMOs and CEDs § Online and Offline Acquisition (B to C): Adwords, Facebook Ads, A/B testing, events.
§ Partnerships with sport governing bodies and right holders
mai 2018 - Aujourd'hui | Paris, France

Presse & médias



Revenue Development:
o Subscription & E-commerce activities lead (
o Membership programs development: Têtu Club
o Acquisition and loyalty strategies
o New business & diversification projects development (Music Festival Paris Est Têtu Festival, Têtu
Awards, Pop Up Store, BtoB club TÊTU Connect...)
Audience Marketing: In charge of developing and managing cross-channel marketing strategies (magazines, digital platforms, products & events) in order to develop audience & maximize monetization.
o Global Audience Growth strategy development (digital, print, subscriptions, events) o Audience Engagement strategy lead (CRM, loyalty, BtoC business development)
o Digital platforms optimization in collaboration with IT
o Brand content marketing operations

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