Hamid Benyahia

blockchain expert

Paris, France

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Entrepreneur at heart, Blockchain enthusiast, crypto-investor, Startup Hacker, and fitness enthusiast!

My passion for new technologies and my intrinsic drive to conquer new challenges have lead me to break into the world of Blockchain—or rather—Blockchains! The endless global business possibilities of this new technology fascinate me.

Bitcoin, Satoshi, Ethereum, Vitalik, Hard Fork, Miner, DaaP, BaaS, Stable Coin, DAOs, Initial Coin Offer: these names represent new concepts and influential people that are actively challenging the globe with new ideas and services that promise to turn traditional economic players on their heads.

I currently work with startups and large businesses ready to dive into innovation!

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octobre 2015 - Aujourd'hui | Paris, France

Conseil & audit

La Javaness

Blockchain Expert & Startup Hacker

• Heading advisory missions for Proof Of Concepts (POC) Blockchain for large scale CAC40 businesses
• Carrying out opportunity studies, benchmarks, and Use Case presentations
• Navigating strategic analysis of new Peer to Peer business models
• Gathering strategic intelligence from Blockchain’s most influential figures (ex: attended a business trip to the International Blockchain Week in Shanghai in Fall 2016)
• Writing articles to analyse and decrypt Blockchain news
• Participating in Blockchain events and conferences

Startups & Corporate Groups:
• Accompanying a large corporate group in the redesign of its client spaces (more than 30M users)
• Product Manager for the launch of a new product open to large corporate groups and accelerated startups at La Javaness
• Implementation of Growth Hacking actions
• Sourcing and accelerating startups (UX and UI accompaniment- Growth Hacking)
décembre 2014 - octobre 2015 | Paris, France




Tadam - Internet real-estate startup

• Business Developper :
Performed market studies, constructed commercial offers, performed prospection and portfolio management, managed commercial and partner development, carried out negotiations and quotes, implemented offerings across France

• Product and Acquisition Manager:
Design and product development, community animation on social networks, launched GrowthHacking actions, designed a strategy based on SEO and AdWords
janvier 2014 - janvier 2015 | Paris, France

Conseil & audit

American Chamber of Commerce in France

Public Affairs Manager and Chief of Staff to the Executive Director

• Organized conferences with economist, cultural attachés, and politicians, such as Emmanuel Macron, Fleur Pellerin et John Kerry
• Laid out, proposed and implemented plans for improved strategic foresight to the Executive Director.
• Drafted articles linked to the Transatlantic Treaty; proposed new plans and the implementation of strategic monitoring based on key decision makers to the executive director
août 2014 - juillet 2015 | Paris, France

Conseil & audit


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