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Garance M

designer - textile, product, graphic design ...

Peut se déplacer à Berlin, Berlin

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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Garance.

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Berlin, Allemagne
Peut travailler dans vos locaux à
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  • Arts & artisanat
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Compétences (21)

Garance en quelques mots

I’m a textile and transdisciplinary designer graduated with a Master’s degree in textile design from ENSCI-Les Ateliers in Paris. My work moves towards theoretical and plastic research. At the intersection of various disciplines, I combine fieldwork and creation of matters, universes, shapes and stories. I usually let the observation free from expectations, this blank gap allowing me to raise local and contemporary issues. Observing the world, our relationship with nature, with the space and our possessions invites me to initiate projects where the process and the encounter are often more important than the final shape.

My cutting-edge textile skills enrich a strong colours and materials sensibility, in order to develop news matters and uses in the textile field, but also to provide objects where textile is as unexpected as game-changing.

When collaborating with clients, I leverage my technical and esthetical skills, my open mind and my human abilities so as to accompany them all along their projects.

Please feel free to contact me for further information or to share your projects and ideas !


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Stun Camp

Architecture & urbanisme


Nanterre, France

octobre 2019 - octobre 2019

Workshop organized together with Charlène Guillaume and Louise Raguet during the STUN Camp at Vive les Groues, a wild land temporary occupied by Yes We Camp in Nanterre.
Collecting and identifying the rich biodiversity of this wasteland, extracting colors from the plants, painting and printing with the neighbours and the STUN campers to create a sensible cartography of these species and of the place.
Nanterre - La Défense (October 2019)

EKOS - Brasil


Graphic designer

São Paulo, Brésil

septembre 2018 - octobre 2018

Graphic design, service design, film making and art direction for the conference cycle SustRem 2018 (Sustainable Remediations related to contaminated sites and groundwater in developing countries). Event in São Paulo in November 2018.
São Paulo and Paris, (2017-2018)


Arts & artisanat

Textile Designer

Berlin, Allemagne

mars 2017 - juin 2017

Textile design and product design. Contribution to the exhibition Breathing Colour  (London Design Museum, Boijmans Van Beuningen).

HashnStore SAS

Conseil & audit

Graphic designer

Paris, France

décembre 2018 - février 2019

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